Navi Samagri : This startup’s vision is to be the number one clean tech company in the world !

Entrepreneurship is not a skill to be learned but an art to be cultivated. It’s not so much the buzz around the word ‘entrepreneurship’ matters, but the ‘innovative ideas’ matter the most. Imposing one’s worthwhile ideas in utilitarian ventures is more an exercise in intellect than anything else. Needless to say, entrepreneurship is all about purpose-ridden entitlements. Navi Samagri is a meritorious and a purpose-ridden venture that has transcended the horizons of mediocrity and is all set to carve a niche for itself in the contours of entrepreneurship.

About Navi Samagri

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Navi Samagri is a clean tech manufacturing startup, founded in Aug. 2014. It is into manufacturing innovative products by using smart materials (Phase Change Materials). It is still inside the campus of Dr. M.G.R. Educational and Research Institute University, Chennai. There are two sections of Navi Samagri- The first section works on improvising and marketing already developed products (Cooling pad & Solar panels) and the second section focuses on transforming the ideas into tangible assets. Products developed by Navi Samagri are energy efficient, eco-friendly and cost-effective.


Suman Kumar Jha, founder of Navi Samagri is known for his intellectual agility, cognitive capability and conceptual clarity. Truly, entrepreneurship seemed to be a votive offering to him from the almighty. Much of what Suman Kumar Jha believes and practices is sheer brilliance to modern ears and eyes. Here is what he has to share with Team Venture and its passionate readers, “I started with the research on smart materials (Phase Change Materials). Initially I was doing this only for my academic excellence. Faculty member of the department were in absolute awe of my research. After one and half year of research on smart materials, I gained lot of knowledge and new ideas. I visited Coimbatore for participating in the expo (i3 expo), where ACC was also promoting their eco-sand. I gave them a suggestion to use smart materials in their sand for enhancing the properties of sand. They contacted me after one and half month and they wanted to know more about this smart material. We made a formal chat on Skype and I explained everything to them who were actually impressed by the concept. This interest from a large company motivated me and produced some spark in my grey matter. The beauty with these smart materials, it can enhance and improve many existing systems and products. We did adequate market research and eventually, we took the initiative of launching our own venture.”

First Product Story

Talking about his First Product, Suman shared “I bought a laptop in the first year of my engineering and the laptop battery died out within two years. It is known to everyone that the average life of laptop battery is 4 years. As I used the laptop for very long hours, due to high heat, the laptop battery died out. The available solution is to use a cooling pad but the existing cooling pads work on USB which is run on the laptop battery. This puts an extra load on the battery. I strengthened my research on cooling pads and came up with an idea. Initially, we listed all the features that should be present in a good laptop cooling pad. Then, we crossed out the features that are already present in the laptop cooling pads of popular manufacturers. All set and done, we focused on R&D of the product. ”

Second Product Story

We were doing one solar based project for the inter college competitions. We did well, but the final project was a complete failure. We were frustrated. We being engineers, this incident turned out to be shocking for us. I started researching and found out that all solar panels have maximum efficiency based on the Standard Test Condition (STC). Accordingly, the ideal temperature of solar cell should be 25 degrees Celsius during working hours. The efficiency decreases with an increase in the cell temperature. We worked for a year and developed a new type of solar panels whose solar cell temperature stands at 25 degrees Celsius during working time. The power production from Navi Samagri solar panels is 20% more than the existing solar panels. When we decided to start our venture, we didn’t want to limit it to a single product niche. We decided to launch completely new and innovative products. So, we decided to name our venture as Navi Samagri (Innovative products).”

Target Audiences

The economic costs of foreign products are prodigious. In the wake of such skyrocketing costs, Navi Samagri’s products look signatory to common man. Navi Samagri is a multi-product based venture. Its purpose is defined by its strong R&D. As a consequence, individuals and individual customers are its target audiences. Laptop owners, industries and households looking for best solar panels are its target audiences. To grab the attention of its target audiences, Navi Samagri relies on social media campaigns and sales.

Many hands make light work


Team Navi Samagri

Here is an account on Navi Samagri’s team:

Founder: Suman Kumar Jha. Suman has to his name and fame five research papers published in various International Journals. Apart from the research papers, he has two patents.

Team Members:

  • Subham Guradatta
  • Sharma Aayush Ajay

Vision and Mission

Suman Kumar’s curiosity gets going as he shares his mission and vision with MyVenture, “Whatever we do, we believe in changing the things. We believe in doing it differently. We change things through research and engineering depth. Our products are beautifully designed, highly innovative, easily affordable and user friendly. Our mission is to manufacture efficient products and gain traction. Our vision is to be the number one clean tech company in the world. To make this happen, we all work around 50 productive hours per week.”

Key Take-away

Here is the advice to all budding entrepreneurs in Sumar Kumar Jha’s words,

  1. If you think your idea can make an impact, just go for it. Do not hesitate. No second thoughts!
  2. Please don’t stop yourself for anyone because you didn’t start your venture by somebody’s suggestion.
  3. There will be many hard phases during your journey. Realize that you only need to overcome such difficulties without losing your patience. Hard phases are always temporary.
  4. Follow everyone but implement your methodology. At times, you will find it difficult to make decisions. Rest if you must, but never give up
  5. There will lots of emotions, but keep your emotions in control. You will get enough chances to express them. It’s better to use your emotions as weapons and work hard and smart.

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Our Advice

Single minded focus, determination and self-belief are qualities of a winner. Planning and implementation will make your life easier. Add variety of activities to your daily schedule and nothing seems boring. Remember, variety indeed is the spice of life!

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