MySportsAdda: Because excess of food and grocery start-ups needs to be followed by sports and fitness

The Beginning :

It all started when these four guys were going through a mid-MBA-life crisis. Not keen towards settling into the world of appraisals and 3-5% year on year hike, they wanted to do something better with their lives, and so started their struggle to change the world. After a lot of brainstorming, market analysis (Thank You MBA) and even more beers (Thank You B.Tech), they were able to draw an idea from their real life problem they themselves had faced. Having always found it difficult to find a place to play nearby, one of them tried to sound funny – “No wonder I am gaining weight, I don’t play anymore”. The joke fell flat, but the idea struck them. Why have they actually stopped playing? When in terms of infrastructure there are many fitness options available why are they still complaining about weight issues? What is missing? The answer(s) were found with the help of a lot of market research, and the reasons were many – Information, Motivation, Customization, Availability and a Trigger. MySportsAdda was hence born.


Richness is a myth!

They wish it was a cakewalk it once appeared. As one of them said, “Running a business requires you to become an all-rounder! You need to bat, bowl and field while making sure you are breaking your own/peers’ records all the time.”

Being an online aggregator of sports and fitness services, their major challenge was to balance their supply and demand. Sharing wisdom (an entrepreneur’s birthright), one of the co-founder explained, “A lot of experts might ask you to focus on one stakeholder at a time. However, our learning has been quite different. If you are entering a model where you have a buy-side and a sell-side with both expecting persuasion from your end, consider them your wife and mother. You can’t afford to concentrate on only one of them. A balance is always required to keep both happy. You don’t own a shop! You own a market!”Another huge problem with sports and fitness industry in India is that it is highly unorganized. The toughest part in bringing a change in the ecosystem is bringing a change in the people. Unfortunately, people are quick to change their DP to support digital India, but it takes some time to change the way they operate. So if it is money you are looking to make in a short time, a lottery is your better bet.

When poor, do as the rich do!

Challenges and ever arising bottlenecks never dampened team’s spirit. They made optimal use of resources at hand while finding innovative ways to generate new resources. The best part about a bootstrapped start-up is that you start evaluating even a cup of tea in terms of reach that money can get you on Facebook. MySportsAdda team constantly worked towards promoting sports and fitness culture in the country by aggregating all sports and fitness services and providing convenient access with innovative products to enthusiasts. With their website, one could book a sports facility in a few clicks. They just need to select a nearby sports facility; choose date and time slot; and pay through one of the various available payment options, and the booking gets confirmed. Similarly for fitness one could select among diverse activities deals and offers for customers!

Happy Customers

Happy Customers

Poor is the new “Rich”!

Six months of operations and what have they achieved? They are still poor in pockets, but richer in ideas. Entrepreneurship is a new age addiction, and Team MySportsAdda pleads guilty of getting addicted. All it matters anymore is solving consumer and vendor problem with value-add at each step. According to them, they are yet to take their first step in this start-up ecosystem but they already feel rich in experience.
Here goes their first shot at sharing a Talisman:
“It is very difficult to control the temptation of adding flavors of new ideas and innovations to your dish. But at the end of the day sustainability and scalability are two most important ingredients that must be kept in check before worrying about the additional flavors.”

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