Meet Turakhia brothers: Unknown internet entrepreneurs

Late last month, when Nasdaq-listed Endurance International Group announced the acquisition of the web business of Directi , it made Bhavin Turakhia, 34, and brother Divyank, 32, richer by over $100 million (about Rs 620 crore).The brothers started Directi when they were still in their teens and yet to graduate the Turakhia brothers have surprisingly stayed far away from the spotlight.The brothers attracted big clients even when they were in college.Everthing started when Nasscom was organized a cybercity event in Delhi in 1999. The Internet was still very new and not many knew how to set up leased lines for connectivity. So, the country’s apex software industry organisation approached the two college kids, who were savvy about internet to help get the leased lines set up. Directi started by offering web-hosting services. Nasscom, People Group and Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy were some of its earliest customers. Directi had recorded Rs 7 lakh as revenues in its first year of operation and the brothers had repaid the Rs 50,000 they had borrowed from their father to start the business. Fifteen years later, Bhavin still sounds boyish and enthusiastic, but you can no longer mistake him for a college kid because the boyishness is tinged with an air of affluence. And while the enthusiasm for technology is still strong, his responses are more guarded. The brothers declined to disclosed revenues, but according to some reports, the figure for Directi , as a group, including the businesses the brothers still own, is in the region of $300 million.

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