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Marketing on a Meme-wagon

(Facebook or Instagram notification)

Your friend tagged you in a meme. You either reply or ignore. Ever thought what makes people tag you in such posts be them your friends or relatives?

  1. They want to annoy you. (This actually is true in many cases)
  2. You haven’t spoken to them in a long time and they just want to remind you of them.
  3. They think that specific post relates to you. (This is the idea behind the invention of meme-wagon)

But, most of the people have no idea of what a meme is and the numbers are not a handful. In simple words, memes are not restricted to an all-caps font – Impact; in addition to with a memorable image. They are the ideas that resonate with a certain segment, be it a culture, memory, time frame etc. From famous celebrity expressions to stills from movies or TV series to expressive pop art, these are pictures subjected to interpretation with a good text copy.

They have the capability to become an internet sensation and reach the audience beyond digital. This just explains the importance and need for brands to get on this meme-wagon.

Meme travels a long journey before they reach Facebook or Twitter on Instagram, their first touch points are Tumblr and Reddit and countless other similar platforms.

In the last step of memes migration to mass consumption, people react to humour, sarcasm, grief, and insanity and forward to their network and suddenly even people who never watched Game of Thrones know that Ned Stark was beheaded.



(I seriously feel sad for those who thought he is gonna make it to the iron throne when he couldn’t even survive Season 1)

Across the digital space, memes are the content pieces that inform and generate a new set of content chain around the similar thought from Monday hardships to sleeping at the office desk to waiting for Friday drinking sessions in the form of gifs or TV series/movie clips or stills.

Let us accept this, the fans and followers of the brands care about what these brands communicate. Memes have become a common currency for brands on social media in exchange for loyal brand evangelists.

You name the brands and you can find their meme on digital.

So, here’s what I have gathered:

1. Memes are a hit and trial. Newsjacking, moment marketing, slang usage is best represented through memes on digital. Either it would take a huge leap or die a silent death.

2. A meme is not just posting a picture of a funny face or a grumpy cat. It is an innovative and creative campaign in itself. 
3. Memes increase your reach and engagement because they are flesh out a brands humorous, quirky and creative image.

Are you making your way in this meme-ing world?

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