Do You Really Love Your Job??

Will she marry me if I don’t earn a lakh per month??

How would my parents react if I tell them I don’t want to become a doctor??

What be my future like if I give up my job??

We all go through the above situations at some or the other point in our lives. Not all of us are born with a silver spoon after all!!

All such apprehensions are a major hindrance in doing what we actually like and force us to follow a different path altogether. Let’s go back to the times where life was simpler and easy living. The times where what we wore, what we did, what others said didn’t affect us a bit. The golden days of our CHILDHOOD! If we just spend a minute out of our busy schedules and give a thought to the things we loved doing those days, who knows we might realize our passion in life.

Turning your hobby into profession is definitely challenging but choosing a job you love will never make you work a day in your life. For instance, if you love sharing your free time to help those who are less fortunate, you may be perfectly suited for a career as a nurse – where you could help people in need in a different way. Were you the one helping your friends through algebra or working with the neighbors’ son to get him through summer school? Teaching might be a prefect career option for you in that case.

While it can be distressing and overwhelming to lose a job, it’s important to remember that the situation is temporary and doors to new opportunities are likely to open. If you think your hobby can be transformed into a money-making concept, it’s vital to invest your time into the proper planning and research before investing any of your money. The rejuvenating and de-stressing benefits of a hobby enhance the self-esteem and also improve job performance by boosting a person’s confidence and creativity. Scientific studies have shown that engaging in activities one enjoys stimulates the brain’s septal zone, a ‘feel good’ area, which increases the happiness factor. It has also been found that people who devote time to their hobby feel more energetic and bond well socially.

P.S: Do what you LOVE and LOVE what you do!!

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