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Look beyond keywords: Drive conversions through visual search

We Indians are crazy about two things – Bollywood and cricket. Apart from the stories and action of movies and fever of sports what keeps us hooked to the celebrities is their style statement.

Kareen Kapoor Khan is a fashionista, from her airport looks to sightings outside the gym whatever she wears is a style statement and every girl wishes to be a trendsetter like her. The guys are not far behind they admire Virat Kohli for his style.

Now, here are two images of these celebrities that created a buzz on social; can you type in a keyword to find the exact product feature in the image online?

Google her earrings

Google his glasses

What would you type? It doesn’t matter how long tails keywords you type in it is gonna be very difficult to find the exact product.

About 74% of consumers are not able to make a relevant search while finding the right products online. Per the usual search behavior of users, we can safely say that it is based on a false premise that things can be aptly described in words. Which by the way in many cases, we cannot.

You may find this problem difficult to resolve but there is a solution.

One small detail that we missed here is that Google images account for 22.6% of the Google searches. It is used in cases when traditional methods do not work. (Source – SparkToro)

Here is another SEO fact, Image SEO drives few to no sessions, and then why should a marketer invest in visual marketing?

Humans respond better to visuals and their memory captures visuals better over text and so is the case with mobile phones.

It has been proven that visual search doesn’t just drive online conversions but also contribute to digitalization and monetization.

From trying to find images online by writing product description to actually uploading an image wherein Google displays similar images and respective links, the search engine has come a long way to help users. By reading similar ideas, image badges and captions, the powerful functionality of Google is making its images a shop worthy product discovery. It is another reason that Google gives you to browse the search engine over the e-commerce site. Here is how Google is leveraging the power of keyword searches to enlighten users about its new features.

If you sell designer clothes, this feature will not only help your blog to rank on the 1st page but you can also rank in the image pack with your products listed in similar items thereby driving highly relevant users to your site.

It is not just easy to implement but comes with countless SEO benefits.

Keep following the space as we list them in our next post.

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