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Look beyond keywords: Drive conversions through visual search (Part 2)

In our last blog post, we talked about how marketers are driving conversions through visual search. It is an important aspect that requires attention because humans are visual driven.

If you missed our last blog, read here.

The visual search helps drive organic session this undoubtedly is one of the biggest benefits you can drive from this.

The capability of the visual search is selected per an algorithm that is based on the combination of schema and image recognition. As mentioned by Google to TechCrunch:

“The images that appear in both the style ideas and similar items grids are also algorithmically ranked, and will prioritize those that focus on a particular product type or that appear as a complete look and are from authoritative sites.”

Apart from a high ranking site with a good DA and better and high-resolution images, your images should have a perfect structured markup in the Google images.

Here is one important point to mention; it is not always about Google. It is not just limited to search engines but has spread across social media platforms. Platforms like Pinterest and Instagram, both offer monetization opportunities with shoppable social media platforms.

Formats like these help in reducing the number of steps users need to take for the final conversion excluding the keyword search of SEO.

You see the Kareen Kapoor earrings or Virat Kohli glasses, do not Google, click on the product page and convert. Be the style icon!

The advancement in the field of technology with Pinterest and Google lens has ignited the need for visual search to a greater extent. This has the capability to become one of the largest revenue sources for the e-commerce sector thereby improving the experience of the shopper.

This is bound to have a great impact on SEO and paid media and it will also bring back the attention we marketers and SEO practitioners lost on image optimization. This new frontline of visual search comes with multiple benefits as it not reinforces our existing SEO strategies SEO but also helps optimise mobile search and the visual web presence of brands more prescient.

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