List of startups from Ahmedabad that are making it big

Located on the banks of the river Sabarmati, Ahmedabad, the former capital city of the Indian state of Gujarat is the sixth largest Indian city. The startup scene in Ahmedabad is immensely positive. Ahmedabad is blessed with talented manpower. There are various incubation centers such as IIM –Ahmedabad’s CIIE- Centre for Innovation Incubation and Entrepreneurship, iCreate Technologies- International Centre for Entrepreneurship and Technology etc. Operational costs are pretty low and hence, Ahmedabad is one of the most preferred startup destinations. Here is a list of startups from Ahmedabad that are making it big:


Lendingkart Group aims to make working capital finance available at the fingertips of entrepreneurs, so that they can focus on business instead of worrying about the gaps in their cash-flows. Lendingkart Technologies Private Limited is a fin-tech startup in the working capital space. The Company has developed technology tools based on big data analysis which facilitates lenders to evaluate borrower’s credit worthiness and provides other related services. (Source: Lendingkart)image-10


AlmaMapper is a platform that promotes peer to peer learning and doesn’t depend on any external sources to provide information. It calls itself ‘A friend, companion or peer that guides an individual through the entire of his/her campus life and afterwards.’ It is the brainchild of Pankaj Kaul and Chandra Mauli Sharma. (Source: AlmaMapper)

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eSwasthya is the one-stop solution for all your health and wellness needs. It is reinventing health and wellness needs to have more effective, supportive role in each person’s unique health experience and in the greater healthcare environment. Its mission statement is ‘Always innovate for a better tomorrow.’ (Source: eSwasthya)

Jolly Food Fellow

Jolly Food Fellow is a venture of passionate young entrepreneurs who wish to bring the best food experience to all the food lovers. It partners with food entrepreneurs who love to make food that satisfies the food connoisseur. It helps them know more about their consumers and gives them analytical insights on how they can service their consumers better than ever.

Jolly Food Fellow is the brain child of Rajiv, Niraj and Khushboo. It is owned by the company TECHRECO Solutions Private Limited. (Source: Jolly Food Fellow)

Remedy Social

Remedy Social is into healthcare niche. Remedy Social helps its customers take charge of their health decisions through a single unified platform which can: (i) identify health risks, (ii) track risk progression, and (iii) guide them in making adequate life style choices. Its platform combines strong user experience with robust scientific logic to help them achieve the objective of smoothening their personal health curve. (Source: Remedy Social)

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