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Shutterstock buy stock image

In today’s world where Social Media is an inherent part of our lives, it is usually believed that “Content is the king”. But one must not forget the importance of images. According to Jeff BullasContent with relevant images gets 94% more views than content without relevant images.”

Internet is boomed with images, but to find bewitching images is a big task. Half of the battle is won when you are able to find quality stock images for your editorial content. Let your blogs, presentations and other editorial content entice the viewers with it’s high resolution and stunning images. Now-a-days it’s benign to use high quality stock photos and royalty free images as many portals have efficiently diversified them.

Here is a list of portals where you can buy stock images for your website, blog, presentations social media, etc.


Shutterstock is the preeminent portal that provides you with high quality royalty free stock photos. Ventures, media organisations, marketing agencies and filmmakers are succored from it’s content. About 10,000 new images are added to it’s bulk every week. Diverse categories of editorial and non-editorial content add to its efficiency.

Shutterstock buy stock image



Known for its enormous database, Pixabay shares royalty free stock images under creative commons (CC) licence in public sphere .You can access the images freely and have full right to copy, post these images on social media and share without any registration. Quality of the stock images is kept up to the mark and they have easy to use feature that allows the users to search aptly.

 pixabay buy stock image


Deposit Photos  

Once downloaded ,forever yours! You need not renew subscription for the images you have subscribed for but you do not get the right to modify the image and listen and read it under the category of derivative work. Deposit Photos provides 24/7 customer service in 192 countries. You won’t find watermarks in there images. Though you can access the picture, but you do not get the right to sell it  further.

buy stock photos from deposit



Istock is an international microstock photography portal. It has millions of high quality stock images. It was developed in 2000 with a mission to accumulate the scattered content of frantic photographers.This International stock of royalty free images is widely used for editorial purposes. It can be used in newspapers, magazines, blogs, presentations and websites.

buy stock photos from istock


Images bazaar

With aspiring aim of creating voluminous collection of innovative Indian face images, Images bazaar reached the collection of 10,00,000 + images. It is claimed to be the most user-friendly and swift program. Prominent photographers vanguard imagesbazaar. It is the first Indian company to recruit researches to inquest regarding the needs of its clients and hot stuff in market.

buy stock photos from imagesbazaar



Pexels database uses creative commons (CC) licence. You have access to royalty free stock images from anywhere and everywhere. It allows you to copy the pictures without any permission. You can also forward and edit them as well. The only thing to keep in mind is that the edited images must not be offensive in any form. On an average, 1500 high resolution images are added to the stock in a month.

buy stock photos from pexels


Free images

It is a portal of over 2.4 million premium photos and illustrations with a huge stock of free photos. It’s membership and sign up takes a few minutes only. Free Images focuses on detailed photography. Classification of images is a bonus, as it acts as a plus point by saving time and energy for the user.

buy stock photos from free images

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