List of co-working spaces in Delhi- NCR

The number of freelance workers and telecommuters is increasing every day.  Indian market is presently witnessing a surge of potential startups. Hence, there is a need for affordable office spaces that are conducive to productive work vibes.  Co-working comes as a boon to all serious startups and freelancers. A great co-working space provides genuine networking opportunities and inspires immeasurable amounts of erudition.  More often than not, co-working spaces lend the so called assisted serendipity that traditional offices seldom offer.  image-1

Here is a list of top co-working spaces in Delhi:


91springboard provides all facilities such as Wi-Fi, reservable conference rooms, shared work space, bathrooms, spacious lounges, printers, photo scanning machines, projectors etc. Basic pantry items such as tea, coffee, and water are also provided. To access all such facilities round-the-clock, every member has to pay Rs7499/month. Of course, there is a part-time plan that starts from Rs4999/month. There is an interesting ‘Day Pass’ plan where any member can access all the facilities for a day by paying Rs549. Its co-working office is in Okhla region.


Founded in 2014, Investopad brands itself as ‘founded by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.’ In essence, this co-working space is conducive to creativity and ambition. Investopad presents itself as a startup incubator and prefers investing in meritorious teams. Its flagship program The Investopad Program for Technology Entrepreneurship fosters creativity in entrepreneurs by proving training and access to state of the art facilities. Investopad has two co-working office spaces in Delhi NCR. Its monthly plans start at Rs8000/month (per seat).

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Innov8 has been the preferred co-working destination for entrepreneurs and freelancers. As its name suggests, Innov8 has state of the art designs and innovative rooftops. Innov8 is endowed with a recreational zone where co-workers can watch TV, play foosball and relax. As it is located in the heart of the city, Innov8 enjoys the strategic location advantage. To access all the standard features, every member has to pay Rs7500 per month. Other membership plans include the Premium plan- Rs10,000/month and the Ultimate plan- Rs12,000/month.

Stirring Minds

Stirring Minds mentors startups entrepreneurs by providing adequate workspace and state-of-the-art facilities such as high speed internet, round the clock Wi-Fi, conference rooms, dedicated conference rooms, movie rooms and recreation zones. This 8000 sq ft power-packed startup incubator cum co-working space was started by Pranav Bhatia who has over eight years of experience in several educational ventures. Stirring Minds is next to Delhi Stock Exchange, one of the busiest places. Stirring minds provides HR and admin/tech support to various startups and co-workers. Full-time membership plan starts from Rs7999 per person. Part time membership starts from Rs4999 per person.

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UnBoxed is a co-working space for all work-minded people. Social promises ‘Minimum cost- maximum facilities.’ Its full-time membership plan costs Rs5500per month. All the much required facilities such as internet, printers, IT support, coffee, tea, water, recreation zones etc. are very much in the offing to all the registered members. Conference rooms are equipped with projectors. Social is surrounded by parks that act as stress busters.

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