List of startups from Pune that are making it big

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Situated at an altitude of 560 meters above sea level on the Deccan Plateau, Pune, also known to the world as ‘Oxford of the east’, is the second largest city in Maharashtra.   Work, work and more work is the agenda of Pune based entrepreneurs. They are known for their trademark-‘power packed performance.’ Many Pune based entrepreneurs believe in one simple ideology- ‘Sitting at the drawing board with a plan in mind will not bring in a tremendous amount of support. Once you actually get moving on, support will come in from all the sides. Take the first step of your own and others will follow suit.’ Owing to this enterprising ideology, Pune has become one of the biggest startup hubs.

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Here is a list of startups from Pune that are making it big:

  1. LetsRide:

With the ever increasing Indian population, the number of commuters has also increased. Traffic on roads is scaling new heights and hitting new highs. Indian ride sharing market is banking on a slew of measures to reduce the problem of traffic congestion. To address the problem of traffic congestion and aid commuters in connecting with fellow-riders, Averi Pal Chaudhari, Rajkumar Mundel and Praven S Mane came up with an intriguing car-pooling technology called LetsRide. The idea is simple- LetsRide allows commuters to post updates about traffic regularly. As a consequence, commuters can take roads that are traffic-free.  So, every time a commuter embarks on a ride, he/she can post an update by using this platform.


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  1. MindTickle:

Founded in the year 2011 by Mohit Garg, Krishna Depura, Nishant Mungali, and Deepak Diwakar, MindTickle is a gamification platform that enables various companies to transform and organize all existing videos, presentations, snaps and documents into ‘bite-sized’ modules. MindTickle integrates the benefits of cloud, mobile, social and gamification. Armed with smart filters and data mining equipment, this web-based learning platform aims at ‘efficient and effective’ enterprise learning.


  1. ViralMint:

This viral marketing platform was founded in 2012 by Rohan Dighe. Businesses are on an emotional leash. ViralMint aids businesses in acquiring new customers. In addition, this platform adds a marketing touch by providing customers a change to binge. Customer engagement and revelry are always on the cards. This platform offers incentives to customers for every Facebook like or share.


  1. AdSparx:

AdSparx was founded in 2012. The master minds behind this video ad-tech based startup are Kunal Lagwankar, Ketan Bharhate and Lilesh Gandhi. Internet video publishers who crave to distribute live events and on-demand video content to both mobile and desktop platforms accost AdSparx. AdSparx aggregates multiple advertisers. To all intents and purposes, it enables video publishers to monetize the Internet TV traffic.


  1. CarIQ:

The founders of this Pune based startup are Sagar Apte and Deepak Thomas. CarIQ is a simple yet effective plug n play device for cars. This device is equipped with an in-built GSM technology. This device collects data from Car engine, ABS, air bag system etc.., which is sent to cloud. In the cloud, the collected data is processed and sent to the users. Users can view the result over the web. Prospective defects can be rectified and internal performance parameters can be assessed. This device is compatible with majority of car manufacturers such as Toyota, Mahindra and Hyundai.


The hard-work of Indian entrepreneurs is paying off in ways that are noticeable to many. Indian entrepreneurs are learning to appreciate incredible ideas that they have created for themselves thanks to their meticulous efforts. Before drawing the curtain close, I wholeheartedly wish to assert that Pune is in for an entrepreneurial stint.

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