List of startups from Noida that are making it big

Noida is a planned and an organized city. It is an integral part of National Capital Region (NCR) of our country. At present, it is under the management of New Okhla Industrial Development Authority (NOIDA). Here is an interesting fact about Noida- 17th April of every year is celebrated as Noida Day. Noida is deemed India’s greenest city. It has excellent infrastructure and beautiful roads. It has become one of the most preferred hot-spots for IT enabled services and IT industry. The pleasant environmental vibes, excellent power facilities, world-class health services and pool of skilled man-power have made Noida a major destination for multi-national firms. When it comes to startups, Noida is a home to many successful startups.

Here is a list of startups from Noida that are making it big:

  1. MobiQuest Mobile Technologies:

MobiQuest Mobile Technologies was established in August 2008. This startup is into performance advertising and data analytics. To create the largest ecosystem of performance advertising and last mile data capture, MobiQuest Mobile Technologies relies extensively on its performance-driven platform m’loyal. To acquaint themselves with the latest offers and stay in touch with their favorite brands, millions of consumers are counting on this performance-driven platform- m’loyal. Most of the dealers and managers also rely on m’loyal to keep customers’ preferences and choices in the loop. At present, this startup boasts of as many as 100 brands availing the services of its platform.


  1. Travel Triangle: is a registered product of Holiday Triangle Travel Pvt. Ltd. It is a platform connecting worldwide travelers with multiple local & expert travel agents. Travelers can request or choose, personalize and book the best travel packages created as per their taste & need. Their aim is to satisfy travelers by providing fully customized packages and ensuring open and fair transaction for all. This startup has an office in US as well.


  1. InstaMedia:

This is 60 member online media startup. InstaMedia covers comprehensively on latest technologies, fashion brands, cellphones, electronic gadgets and current affairs. From inspirational real world stories to romantic fantasies, InstaMedia offers a complete view on everything and anything. It is estimated that the online properties of InstaMedia fetch over 10 million monthly global page-views.


  1. Floost:

This startup believes in one simple motto- “Content is king.” The master-minds behind this startup are Siddarth Goyal and Abhinav Gupta. Siddarth Goyal is an alumnus of IIM Calcutta and Abhinav Gupta worked previously with IBM. offers genuine and veritable content on interest based topics. This is available as a mobile application. Users can choose topics of their interest and dig into the details. Floost is indeed a promising platform to all passionate knowledge seekers.


  1. Skopex:

Skopex is into creating next generation digital consumer platforms and experiences for various media including web, mobile, multimedia Television and much more. The main focus while designing these products is to provide consumers with the authentic experience and the engaging interactions to earn the brand equity as well as business value of user experience. To achieve this, Skopex follows a Design-Led innovation approach which essentially helps business models and technologies in forming new user experience design strategies to redefine new offerings, products and Brand value of wider range of users and audience. Skopex collaborates with product marketing and business folks to come up with meaningful insights, innovative ways to offer what you do best and conceptual models of exactly what users want.


 The above ‘list of startups from Noida that are making it big’ is endless. There is no dearth of success stories of Indian startups that are making it big, especially in Noida.

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