List of startups from Kolkata that are making it big

Kolkata, the capital of the Indian state of West Bengal is located on the east bank of the Hoogly river. According to 2011 census, the population of Kolkata is 4,486,679 and its current estimated population is 4.7 million. Kolkata is the 7th most populous city in India. Touted as the commercial and educational capital of India, Kolkata is deemed as City of Joy. Literacy rate in Kolkata is 87.14% and this figure surpasses the all-India average of 74%. Kolkata which was once called ‘Calcutta’ hosts the Agri Horticultural Society of India, the Academy of Fine Arts, the Victoria Memorial, the Asiatic society etc.


That being said, let me now mention a list of startups from Kolkata that are making it big:


Taxmantra was founded by Alok Patnia. This startup works with other startups and offers tax-related advices. To all Small and Medium scale businesses, it offers legal advisory services and completes taxation hassles. In its endeavor to realize the aim of making all tax-related activities both paperless and hassle-free, this venture has already helped over 5000 business registrations and managed over 8000 businesses. You may visit Taxmantra here.

Mihup’s Nectar

At the very outset, I would like to emphasize that Nectar is indeed a Personal Mobile Assistant (PMA). Nectar keeps the users abreast with desired information and retrieves the best contextual information from the web. The fact that Nectar has as many as 5 million-user hits is a testimony that it has gained enough traction.  Thanks to its monthly user growth that is estimated to be around 15%, Mihup’s Nectar is the next big thing in Kolkata.

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SIBA Solutions

SIBA Solutions are a team of professionals drawing on an extensive range of collective experience and backgrounds with specialist expertise in the area of Applied Business Intelligence and KPI reporting spanning the Mining, Utilities, Port Operations, Bulk Commodity Supply Chain Logistics, Transportation, Facilities Management, Manufacturing, Telecommunications & Government sectors.

SIBA Solutions is passionate about providing the best possible service and solutions to our clients to deliver a world class Business Intelligence solution to the Australian and overseas markets with the crucial analytics and interactive KPI reporting aspects which are so important today in addressing key areas such as cost savings, efficiency gains and health & safety improvements. (source: SIBASolutions)

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iKure Techsoft

iKure is a rural healthcare service provider dedicated to providing affordable and accessible primary care leveraging technology as a differentiator. Its mission is to improve quality of health for India’s poor through value-driven comprehensive health care solutions. iKure applies a unique combination of technology innovation, skills training, and capacity building to create a sustainable health care model that impacts rural life nationwide.

To address the gap in Indian rural healthcare, the company has established a chain of Rural Health Centres (RHCs) that delivers effective care up to the last mile. iKure’s RHCs armed with certified doctors, accredited medicines, and diagnostic tests facility provide one-window approach to primary healthcare needs of the rural communities. Moreover, this venture ensures optimal operations of our RHCs using our patent pending cloud-based technology platform called Wireless Health Incident Monitoring System (WHIMS). The technology integration enables seamless communication with hub hospitals for life-saving secondary care, consultation and escalation. (source: iKure Techsoft)

Keep watching this space for further insights on startups from Kolkata. Cheers!

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