List of elite startups founded by non-IITians and non-IIM alumni

“Don’t believe everything you hear. There are three sides to a story-Yours, Theirs and the Truth.” In this article, I would like to focus on “Real eyes, Realize and real lies.” To begin with, the employability of Indian engineering graduates is only 18% while the employability of Indian MBA graduates is worse and stands at a dismal 10%. Indian version of Ivy League colleges- IITs and IIMs are no doubt known for producing professionally qualified workforce. The statistics revealed by NASSCOM (National Association of Software and Service Companies) denigrate the commonly perceived notions. In its survey, NASSCOM mentioned that over 75% of IT graduates are not ready for jobs. Here is the main point- Many non-IIT and non-IIM people have embarked on successful business ventures.

Here is the list of elite startups founded by non-IITians and non-IIM alumni:
1. BookMyShow: BookMyShow is a customer obsessed venture founded by Ashish HemRajani in the year 2007. BookMyShow gets approximately 500 million page views per month. Around 37-40 million new visitors visit This startup has as many as 250+ employees. In the year 2014, BookMyShow entered the 1000Cr valuation club.

2. CarTrade: Vinay Sanghi started CarTrade in 2009. Prior to catching this startup bug, he worked as the CEO of Mahindra First Choice Wheels. went digital in 2012. This website connects customers and dealers where both the categories cherish win-win situations. CarTrade has 250+ employees. With approximately 4 million monthly visitors, CarTrade seems to flash and flash hard.

3. Directi: Directi was a startup. Now, it has transformed itself into a global web products enterprise. It has thousands of employees under its aegis. Bhavin Turakhia, the CEO of Directi founded it in 1998. Till date, Directi’s value stands at an estimated over $300 million. With over 50,000 channel partners and 1,000,000 customers, Directi is all set to a phenomenal global journey.

4. Pinstorm: Pinstorm is a Mumbai headquartered digital advertising firm with several regional offices in Indian cities of New Delhi and Bangalore. Pinstorm was started in 2004. After scaling umpteen summits of success, Pinstorm leads the list of leading digital advertising firms in the world. Pinstorm was founded by Mahesh Murthy. He is currently serving as its COO.

5. Twist Mobile: Twist Mobile is an Indore based startup founded in 2009 by Virat Khutal. It is a mobile gaming company. ‘Mass offline mobile gaming’ is its USP. Users can compete with one another at a common venue and enjoy the gaming experiences. Owing to the tremendous positive response from its target audiences (gamers), Virat Khutal plans to expand his venture in other cities as well.

Keep watching this space for genuine updates on the list of elite startups founded by non-IITians and non-IIM alumni.

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