List of digital marketing blogs every entrepreneur must read

The proposition that digital marketing is effectual has a long history, and holds a kernel of truth. The characterization of digital marketing as the ‘ultimate Holy Grail’ triggers moral orientation and phenomenal inclination towards targeted, measurable and interactive marketing. When waves of digital technology hit even the far reaches of India, the key objective of brand promotion can be achieved by digital channels such as web, social media, electronic mail, point of sale etc. Digital marketers who are as much a part in the success of a venture as the co-founders and founders should master the art of digital marketing. With the presence of innumerable resources on the internet, it becomes difficult to decide on the best choices. Here is a list of digital marketing blogs every entrepreneur must read:

  • Jeffbullas: This blog is all about Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing and Digital Marketing. Jeffbullas, the owner of this blog is a passionate blogger, author, strategist and a brilliant speaker. He worked with several companies and executives to optimize their online personal and company brands with digital, content and social marketing. If you want your venture to go online and make its presence digital, follow the posts. This blog was ranked eighth on Forbes “The World’s Top 40 Social Marketing Talent” in 2014. Jeffbullas is ranked the No: 1 Content Marketing Influencer by Onalytica in 2015. From latest trends in email marketing to best practices in Search Engine Optimization, this blog has both free content and premium content. Visit the blog by clicking here.



  • NeilPatel: When I visited the home page of this blog, the headline read, “From oho to oh shit, I’m sharing everything on my journey to 100,000 monthly visitors. I am learning a lot and so you will.” This clearly is a testament of Neil Patel’s erudition. Neil Patel the owner of this blog is an evangelist, digital marketer and an industry pundit. His articles chronicle the emergence of digital marketing trends and fall of traditional orthodox marketing gambits. Neil Patel organizes webinars to all passionate marketers- be it digital or content or growth hackers. More often than not, he addresses a cohort of entrepreneurs and helps them grow their businesses. Regular reading of this blog will surely transform the uneducated minds into educated minds.


  • Content Marketing Institute: This website is a repository of all insightful posts on content marketing, digital marketing, Facebook marketing, email marketing and Social Media Marketing. Well, what distinguishes between Content Marketing Institue and other reliable resources on the internet is the global content marketing education that this website offers. Many prolific bloggers such as NeilPatel, Michele Linn, Joe Pulizzi, Jodi Hariss etc. write articles on a daily basis and publish the same on this website. Content Marketing Institute was founded by Joe Pulizzi who is a great blogger. Before CMI was launched in 2011, this website was known to the world as Junta42. You can subscribe to daily and weekly emails, white papers and attend webinars.


  • Social Samosa: What is so special about Social Samosa? This blog covers everything from e-commerce to social commerce, banks to non-banking financial institutions, stereotypes to innovations, and minute to colossal things. If you wish to stay informed and stay ahead of your competitors, follow this blog religiously. Detail case studies on Flipkart’s acquisitions, Snapdeal’s strategies, Myntra’s mobile only fashion store etc. are available on this blog cum website. Visit this blog now.
  • Afaqs: Afaqs is the No: 1 website in India for advertising media and marketing professionals. This website went live on September 28, 1999. The realism of reviews, trends and predictions, in particular its tendency to deal with the issues of investors, entrepreneurs and innovators is commendable. Recently, I read a scholarly article on “Pixar’s 22 rules to Phenomenal Storytelling.You may read it here.

Keep watching this space for further updates on digital marketing blogs…..:)

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