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Today we are in conversation with a very special guest Tanya Seth and Gopi who are the founders of a very unique venture named ‘Let’s go honey’ as the name suggest they help couples get the most romantic and the most exhilarating vacation experiences of their lives so lets see what these 2 young entreprenuers have to say about their startup.

Never go on trips with anyone you do not love”

                                                                   -Ernest Hemingway

MV: Tell us a little bit about “LET’S GO HONEY”.

LGH:The quote above says a lot about Let’s Go Honey in a simple way.Let’s Go Honey is a platform that’s a collection of the world’s most romantic experiences and hotels. We are a boutique travel company specializing in romantic holidays, ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ honeymoons and couple escapes. Every hotel and itinerary is handpicked and is meant for romance. The focus is on unique, intimate and authentic experiences. We work hand in glove with couples and properties to ensure that they have the best experience. Let’s Go Honey is not just a travel agency booking trips, but what we offer goes much beyond it. We are selling is experiences and not ‘packages’

As Steve jobs said “Journey is the reward”, we are doing our bit to make that reward all the more magical, intimate and stress free.Just say the line “Let’s go Honey” to your better half and see the reaction for yourself. That smile, that moment is what truly defines us.

 MV: What inspired the creation of “LET’S GO HONEY”?

LGH:  To put it simply, travel is our passion and love, our inspiration. We are a couple and we just love travelling together. The first time the idea of LGH came to us, we were excited to execute it from very that very moment itself. There are no specialists in the Indian market when it comes to romantic travel and for planning life’s most important vacation (the honeymoon!). For regular travel agents, booking honeymoon is the same as booking a family holiday or a MICE trip. Once the idea of a “romantic travel company” struck us, we started researching and realized how many exotic and mind-blowing romantic properties are there around the world. However for most travel agents it’s about the sales and commissions. They lack the inspiration to craft truly memorable personalized experiences.

We wanted to bring all those amazingly romantic options around the world together as one collection on one platform. Now couples don’t need to worry about scorching the internet, going through 100s of reviews and wasting time in deciding from so many options. If it’s on Lets Go Honey, it’s one of the best.

MV: What is your target audience and why?

LGH: Couples, couples & couples. Though honeymoons are the biggest chunk of enquiries we get but that’s not we are all about. It can be your first, tenth or twentieth honeymoon we will design it with the same excitement. Even the older well travelled couples really like what we offer. Romance has no age bar, right?

MV: What is unique about your company?

LGH: Starting with the name, everything is. We are a solely dedicated to romance and honeymoon planning. Our goal is to seek out new destinations & properties that reflect our spirit and make those dream like romantic holidays come true.

Every hotel is handpicked picked by us to make sure they really are the best romantic boutique hotels in the world. We work closely with them and they are regularly re-assessed to make sure the quality is up to the mark. We can proudly say we already have some of the best & most renowned boutique hotels in our portfolio.

We work closely with each couple to help them decide what hotel and destination suits them the best and create unique personalized itineraries based on their interests. Whatever it may be that you fancy, be it nature, adventure, remote islands, gourmet, spa getaways or learning salsa in Latin America, we have the options for you.

We also have two very unique concepts. ‘Romancierge’ is a concierge for romance, we are proud to say it is one of a kind. Through this service we plan your romantic needs such plannig a proposal, date or an anniversary. We can charter a helicopter or even a private island. Be it cute, naughty or extravagant, we have the right partnerships to make anything happen.

We are soon launching our honeymoon gifting service called ‘Gift a Moon’. With this your friends and family can contribute towards the cost of your dream honeymoon rather than gifting you say, another set of cup and saucer!

MV: What problem does your company solve?

LGH: The problem of bad and mediocre travel experiences due to lack of information. With so many choices available, it can be overwhelming. Surfing the Internet is time consuming and can be frustrating. Planning your honeymoon or dream vacation should be fun and stress free, from its inception to its completion. We take the headache out of those decisions. Our partnerships throughout the world allow us to offer you the most competitive prices for the best luxury hotels in the world. We save you valuable time by alleviating the stress of planning every detail and have the expertise to help avoid common planning pitfalls. We have worked hard and shortlisted the most romantic luxury boutique hotels and experiences in the world, you just have to pick one and go!

founders :Gopi and Tanya

LGH: Tanya Seth and Gopi Krishna Reddy are the founders of LGH. Tanya handles day to day operations, client servicing, product portfolio and partnerships. Gopi works on new concepts, strategies, finances and networking.

MV: What relevant domain experience do they have ?

LGH: The major relevant domain experience is ‘the passion to travel the world and zeal to provide unique experiences to every couple’

Gopi is a globetrotting business consultant who specializes in business strategy, expansion and startups. He has consulted a number of companies around the world in sectors ranging from hospitality, construction, mining, travel, jewelry, education etc. He is the brain of LGH.

Tanya has been running a travel company called Go Explore Travels specializing in offbeat holidays for last 3.5 years. She has a vast knowledge about exotic honeymoon destinations and boutique hotels. She is the heart of LGH.

We love travelling together and searching for the unique romantic experiences be it trying a new restaurant or hiking in the rainforest. This definitely gives us that edge and better understanding of what other couples would love! We have personally travelled most in South East Asia, USA, parts of Europe and Africa.



We want help couples create lasting and intimate romantic memories that they will cherish for a lifetime while they experience the best of this beautiful world. While doing this we want to do our part to spread love and romance in the world.

MV: What challenges are you facing?


  •  Price comparison of Apples to Oranges and dealing people’s obsession with cheapest deals rather than looking at the  better value and service.
  •  Like most startups, lack of sufficient funds to reach a broader market.

MV: What is your greatest competitive advantage?

LGH: We are dedicated to romance and don’t sell everything under the sun. We work with only the best and our portfolio defines the kind of exclusive and unique experiences we can curate. We have some really amazing and unique boutique hotels in our collection, and we are the first ones to introduce some of them to the Indian market.

Secondly, LGH has a very high brand recall value. When we say our company’s name people just get excited and smile. So they won’t easily be forgetting about us!

MV: What has been your most effective marketing technique?

LGH: We launched very recently in April 2014. So it’s too early to say what’s working and what’s not.

MV: What outsiders have been most important to your business (eg. Mentors, bankers etc.)

LGH: The hotels we have on board.

MV: What is your advice to young entrepreneurs starting today?

LGH: Taking risks is an integral part of any business. So don’t be scared of taking risks or making mistakes. It’s very important to believe in your ideas and be persistent enough to give them shape. The right attitude is what ultimately counts.

Look before you leap; once you have leaped stop looking back.

MV: How has been your journey so far as an entrepreneur?

LGH: It’s been a journey of discovering ourselves as we explore the world. It’s never been easy but it’s been exciting enough to keep us hooked forever. This journey has also given us the confidence to dream big and to believe that anything is possible.

MV: Where do you see yourself and your venture 5 years from now?

LGH: Personally we see ourselves having travelled a lot-lot more and ticked-off tons of things from our current bucket list!.

We see Let’s Go Honey as a company that’s made a name for itself in the world market with a global presence while we plan exciting romantic adventures and destination weddings for couples around the world. We also see a much more diverse portfolio with unique experiences in every corner of the world and some very strong industry partnerships that give us an edge over any other players in the world.

So finally we have a startup which sells lifetime experiences and not  holiday packages.

To get in touch with them click here 


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