Some lesser known Gmail tips

Gmail, the reputed free email service provided by Google was launched in the year 2004. In 2012,  it had 425 million active users. In 2015, it had 900 million active users. This is April 2016 and Google has already 1 billion monthly active users. These stats, which are necessarily veridical indicate that Gmail is in fact the world’s most popular email service. Known for its peerless search capabilities, excellent filtering of spam mails and messages, and huge data storage, Gmail is fabulous and here is my due disclosure: I have been using Gmail for the past ten years and in all likelihood, I shall use it for eternity.

Here are some lesser known Gmail tips:

Keyboard Shortcuts

Here are a few keyboard shortcuts for you: To reply to a particular email, just click R. To insert a link, use the keys combination: Ctrl+K. To send an email to a recipient or list of recipients, use the keys combination: Ctrl+ Enter. Use these shortcuts and do away with the age old method of dragging the mouse and subsequently clicking the respective buttons. These shortcuts save a lot of time.

Two emails linked to a single account

Yes, you read it right. There are two emails linked to a single account. Let me explain this with an example. My email-id is This is same as In other words, both redirect to the same account. So, what’s the advantage of this?  You can register on several websites twice with same email to take advantage.

Dot-blind Hack

The amazing thing about Gmail is that it is ‘dot-blind’. Gmail ignores any dot or dots in your email address before @sign. For example, is same as

Google Canned Response

Canned responses allow you to compose a response and reuse it in your group as many times as you’d like. This can be a great time saver if you frequently find yourself posting the same thing. You can create and save as many canned responses as you like and give each one a descriptive title to make finding it later quick and easy (Source: Google Support).

To know more about Canned Responses, please visit this

Gmail Labels

You can create and use labels to organize your email messages into categories, like work, family, to-do, read later, or any other category you want. Labels are private to you. They work like folders, but you can add more than one to a message or delete labels you don’t want. (Source: Google Support).

To know more about Gmail Labels, please visit

Use the aforementioned Gmail tips and save your time and effort.

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