Learning is an Everyday Process

An adage suggests, “Learning is not preparation for life; Learning is life itself.” Learning in every point of life is cardinal in its own way. When people experience a continuous learning environment, they get an opportunity to explore diverse and unexplored territorial domains. What thus follows is a phantasmagoria of constructive and highly rewarding events. This eventually leads to new ideas.

Learning as a gateway

Learning serves as a gateway to explore various opportunities that our ultra-competitive world offers. The year 2015 has been a happening year for Indian startups. Indian entrepreneurs displayed unusual dexterity in leveraging educative, informative and pragmatic startup ideas. Thanks to the robust and continuous learning, India now ranks third globally in number of startups. Now that I have mentioned ‘startups’, let me delve into the nuances of enterprise learning. Enterprise learning is all about learning from challenging developmental experiences- both sweet and bitter.learn-2

Impressive duo of Warren Buffet and Albert Einstein

Warren Buffet, the multi-billionaire opines, “To build talent, one has to take calculated risks.” When Bank of America was knee-deep in stressed assets, it was Warren Buffet who took calculated risks and invested $5 Billion. To everybody’s surprise, his strategy proved utilitarian. Albert Einstein, the celebrated German scientist once said, “The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existence.” If I have to take a cue from this witticism, one can build talent by questioning. Questioning is an avenue for learning.

Learning from examples

When Myntra (India’s fashion portal) went from ‘desktop’ to ‘mobile only’, ecommerce pundits thought the move was well-intended but ill-timed. A drop in sales acted as a dampener for Myntra but subsequently, the well thought out move provided the necessary bedrock of balance. With M-commerce or mobile commerce ruling the internet lexicon and internet commerce niche, it is only a matter of time that other e-commerce giants may embrace ‘mobile only’ strategy. This is what I call ‘Learning from examples.’ learn-1

Adaptability to change

To build talent, one should not shy away from remolding one’s consciousness. Nokia, the Finnish multinational corporation faced erosion of popularity owing to its ‘Do not change’ approach. When every smart phone vendor banked on Android OS, Nokia dashed off the idea of introducing Android based smart phones. Now, the status quo of the company has changed-We now humbly say, “Nokia was an industry leader.” ‘Adaptability to change’ helps you build talent.

College Education- Another form of learning

College education, yet another form of learning, encourages one and all to take intellectually correct decisions. While this is a statement amenable to test and a profound verity, I would like to quote an example- Startups, college students and academic research scholars opposed ‘Free Basics’ scheme of Facebook. Dialogue on ‘Free Basics’ has been unusually contentious and confrontational. Thanks to the unchallenged suzerainty of IIM and IIT professors, educated people were able to delve deep into the nuances of ‘Free Basics’. Not astonishingly, educated people voiced their opinions against Free Basics to TRAI (Telecom Regulatory and Authority of India). Please watch this video to gain more insights.

All the afore-mentioned content dovetails well with building talent. Building talent is only a side of an unbiased coin. So, what do you think is the other side? Retaining talent it is!

When I say this, it means retaining talented workforce in one’s company. Here is a very brief run-down on retaining talented workforce with learning:

  • Future growth of any company hinges on entrepreneurial learning. As an employer, it behooves on you to create opportunities for talented workforce to put into practice the learning principles that the employees have mastered.
  • A flexible work environment will break any existing barriers present among employees. Employees tend to learn from one another. A learning work environment is a welcome fillip and hence, ‘retention’ is an eventual outcome.
  • The ability to think differently is an asset that cannot be discounted. So, as an employer, it is your responsibility to project yourself as a thought leader. Well, talented people do not stay away from thought leaders. Do people wish to distance themselves from Elon Musk?

       Well, there is a lot more to say and a lot more to opine. I can assert with certitude that one can topple adversities by learning. So learn, learn and learn! Keep learning….:)

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