Key Content Marketing Facts Every Startup Needs to Understand

Let’s be honest for a second: in this day and age, relying on advertising alone isn’t going to bring startups the kind of growth they want. The market has become insanely competitive, and consumers expect more than just quality products; they also want customized communication that considers their unique needs and problems.

That’s where content marketing comes into place.

By providing your audience with relevant, high-quality, valuable content, you lay the foundation of a meaningful relationship that could eventually turn into something more. When prospects trust that you care about them and respect their preferences, they are more likely to choose you over the competition.

In fact, studies have shown that 82% of consumers feel closer and more positive about a company after reading their content than if they were to engage with it through traditional advertising. Millennials, the new economic powerhouse, respond better to content than other marketing tactics and like to receive personalized information.

And, that’s just the beginning. Here are other impressive facts about content marketing that every startup should know before embarking on this journey.

  1. Content Marketing Costs Less Than Traditional Advertising

First thing first, let’s look at the costs since most startups operate on a lean budget and can’t afford to spend big on ineffective techniques.

Reports show that content marketing costs about 62% less than traditional advertising but generate about three times as many leads. Picture the following example: you’re a physical therapy clinic that’s trying to build its customer base. Traditional marketing, such as PPC or social media advertising will only generate results for as long as you’re pouring money into it. The moment you stop investing, so does the lead generating machine.

Content marketing, on the other hand, is like a gift that keeps on giving. The articles you create today can bring in leads and potential customers days, weeks, and even years after you’ve created them.

  1. Conversion Rates Are Higher for Content Marketing Than Other Marketing Tactics

Your blog is perhaps your best lead generating tool. It allows you to answer the questions your customers have about your products and build a lasting relationship with your audience.

The great thing about it is that you’re not limited to your blog alone but can guest post and leverage influencers’ audiences. That’s one of the reasons guest posting is one of the best link building strategies for now. By learning how to guest post you can promote yourself to new audiences, build links from authoritative sources, establish yourself as an influencer in the niche, and boost your SEO efforts at the same time.

  1. Branded Content Is More Effective Than Magazine Advertisement

Newspapers are dying: that is a fact. Millennials and Generation Y are rarely buying magazine or newspaper, so the chances that they’ll come across your brand in one of these mediums are rather slim.

Focus on creating branded content and publishing in on platforms that your audience actually read and use. Whether we’re talking about blogs, online newspapers or social media, startups must learn how to leverage the digital space to grow their brand.

  1. Make Sure Your Content Is Relevant

Here’s a sad but true fact: about 60% of content goes to waste because the topic is irrelevant to the target audience. Instead of spending all this time and energy on creating content that won’t engage your prospects, try to uncover their needs, problems, and expectations first. Then, with this data at hand, you can create content that they are more likely to read and share.


Content marketing has become an essential component of any business. Consumers today expect more than just dishonest and superficial marketing messages. The companies that can give them that are the ones more likely to succeed.

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