An interaction with Poddar sisters

A venture incorporated by the “Poddar Sisters” on 9th April, 2012. Coming from a family background engaged in the business of exporting home furnishing, Kasturi Poddar (Director and a post graduate from Chelsea College of Art & Design,London), worked with her father for a while and switched to retail sector later. This gave birth to Nidra Textiles Pvt Ltd, one of the leading Supplier and manufacturer of fabrics, cotton fabric, silk fabric, sythetic fabric, nylon fabric. After experimenting on different fabrics, Kasturi came up with the concept of mosquito repellent used on textiles. The textile expert soon figured out the technical aspects of these treatments, the chemistry and safety processes involved. Before finalizing on a treatment that was effective, safe and matched up to WHO standards, various trials were conducted with different chemicals and a list of shortlisted vendors was prepared. It took almost a year to produce a bulk quantity to supply.


It was in the next stage when Kasturi roped in her psychologist-therapist sister, 27-year-old Shreya( Director0) , in setting up the supply chain and materialize it into a proper business, which got materialized into a wonderful business idea – Mos-Quit-O, a mosquito repellent blanket. The journey for the duo hasn’t been easy. After facing a lot of resistance from the market and distributors, the pair scored their first distributor
in October 2013 and now have more than 40 distributors, supplying to approximately 700 stores in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Delhi. Although priced at Rs 1999 per blanket, Mos-Quit-O has sold over 3000 blankets in the last year. They are currently focusing on market penetration in the cities of Karnataka and UP, Wellness Forever across Mumbai, Religare Wellness in Pune, Delhi & Bangalore, Outdoor Travel Gear in their shops and online and are in talks with Mom & Me. Mos-Quit-O has recently launched a baby version of the blanket – in Bubblegum for girls and Spearmint for boys – which sold out almost 700 blankets since its launch in June 2014. The venture is also involved in online sales on their e-commerce portal as well 10 other portals such as amazon, snapdeal, etc.


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