Ingredients of successful women entrepreneurship

With #startupIndia #womenentrepreneurship terms soaring high in the startup ecosystem, I often wonder, if there is any gender biasing actually attached to entrepreneurship.

I have been travelling solo for almost 7 years now, and have been working in this so called male dominated ecosystem, but honestly, I never faced anything like weaker sex or gender biasing in my day today work. My challenges while running were more or less similar that any male would have faced while running his venture.

Hardly, there have been occasions, where-in being a woman has bothered me, or has held me not to pursue what I want. Though at times, people might ask you uncomfortable questions, but I think one answer should be enough to let them aware that you do not tolerate nuisances. It is quite surprising to many of my peers that I do not believe in preferential treatment of women and at times share few misogynistic comments as well.

During multiple conversations with fellow female entrepreneurs, I realize, most of them echo similar characteristics, which I thought to pen down as ingredients common to most of us.

1. Self-belief

Realizing your self-worth is the first step of entrepreneurship. Unless you believe in yourself, you can’t make others believe in you. One needs to truly believe in their dreams and their perusal. Self-belief imbibes confidence, which helps you gain respect, and trust amongst your peers. Confidence improves your networking skills, which is one of the pillars of successful venture.

2. Ambition

Always have high ambitions. In India, we are often asked to keep our ambitions low as women as our life is assumed to circle around family, but onus is on us to be successful in both professional & personal life and accept it as challenge. One needs to be really ambitious to strive towards their goal. Never settle for second best.

3. Passion & Persistence

Be always passionate about your dreams, ambitions. Talk about them loud. Discuss them, understand them and be persistent to achieve them. There shall be several hiccups while you are going through your enterprising journey from family inhibitions to finances, but never give up. Just remember you started this journey as solo, and success might be just round the corner. You have to consistently push yourself out of your comfort zone. Always feel joyful while doing the things you enjoy or passionate about. Always attach your passion with sense of purpose. It could be as small as to bring a difference in someone’s life. This will give you sheer joy.


4. Humility and a willingness to learn

The more humble you are, more successful you shall be, there is a saying “Work hard in silence, let your success make the noise”. Each day in the entrepreneurship playground is to learn and grow. Never be overconfident about yourself and stop learning. One needs to constantly upgrade themselves with knowledge and innovation. Always be open to the criticism and conversations and take them politely.

5. Hard work

Hard work is the key myntra for any one. Prioritize your day today task and be prepared to invest more time as against your key stakeholders, because your enterprise is your baby. No one can do justice with it the way you can. Initial days shall be difficult, set high goals for you and keep moving.

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Not to miss, always be value based and ensure your vision is woven around your firm value system, because this is what will give you sustainable venture. Having said above, still there are days, when one do feel low and plan to quit, always recall your achievements till date, your support system and keep looking for the solutions for the existing problems and just be open for spontaneity as well!! More open you are for ideas, conversations, easy for you to withhold success.

About the Author :

prachi gargPrachi Garg is an avid traveller, women entrepreneur and a passionate writer. She is a Computer Science graduate from Miranda House, University of Delhi. She also has an MBA from the prestigious Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai. Her maiden book ‘Superwomen’ showcases inspiring stories of 20 women entrepreneurs. Currently living in Delhi, she continues to pen-down her thoughts on the incandescent emergence of women entrepreneurship.


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