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A little while ago, I had a sumptuous breakfast and I would like to thank my mother for that. Mothers are excellent cooks and most importantly, they are angels in disguise of human beings. While I was enjoying the delicious breakfast, I was thinking about all the ingredients that indeed made the breakfast extremely palatable. Following the same train of thoughts, there are few necessary ingredients that make a blog complete, perfect and most importantly excellent. Here is a quick run-down on the same:

Creative and Magnetic Headline

If you want to make the first impression, it all boils down to having a creative and a magnetic headline. If your headline is not magnetic, viewers show scant respect for your blog post. I would suggest you to read this post- Buzzsumo research reveals the secret to write viral headlines


Introduce the topic in your own distinctive style. Be your creative best while introducing the topic. Keep the introduction well within 100-150 words.

Main Point

After you are done with the introduction, introduce the main point. Eloquently explain what the point of your post is.

Secondary Points

Apart from the main point, you have to specify other points as well. These are nothing but secondary blog points. It is suggested to keep the count of secondary points to not more than


If your passages are long, it is better to break them into smaller passages and furnish subheadings. This enhances the look and feel of your blog post. Also, you will enjoy an SEO advantage also.


Ensure that your write-ups have good picture. You can use Google Advanced Image Search or Flickr’s Creative Commons to embed pictures within your write-ups. Ensure that you give due credits to the source. Alternatively, you can buy images online from sites like DepositPhotosShutterstock etc.

Suggested Read (or) Links

You must have observed that in many of my blog posts, I generally include Suggested Read section. Of course, I have included one in this write-up too. It is important that you link all your relevant blog posts.

Suggested Read: How Creating a blog can help your startup generate more leads


All that starts well should ideally end well. Complement your blog post with a genuine conclusion and ask your readers to comment their opinion in the comments section.

Well, these are the essential ingredients of a good blog post. Comment your opinions in the comment section. Would love to hear from you all!

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