How influencer marketing can fuel your startup’s growth

Seth Godin quotes on influencer marketing

The value of word-of-mouth reaches boardroom conversations and challenges marketing budgets in India. Word of mouth and hear-say have a way of creating a unique buzz in our society and as word gets around, brand image inevitably gets an impetus : right from increased footfall in restaurants because a neighbour recommended it to more buys on a website because a relative’s friend’s colleague suggested it.

The power of word of mouth marketing continues to influence people widely and has given birth to the latest form of digital marketing that has come to be known as connoisseur marketing in today’s times.

Seth Godin quotes on influencer marketing

Influencer marketing counts upon the power to convince, with influential people forming its pool of connoisseurs across various industries and genres of social media content. If an influencer approves of your product offering in the market they sometimes volunteer to spread the word about it. Often, they are suggested to take these steps towards using their channels of a wide reach to spread the word on the brand and its product specifics.  In the internet era, this influential skill of people has kept pace and adhered to digital forms of communication – using social media as its strong route to influence. People post about their preferred merchandise on their blog, social media, emails, Whatsapp groups and even personal conversations. This word gets around and as people hit the like and share button, you can tell that they have been influenced. Thereafter, its a matter of the ripples doing their bit as the influential content does its rounds.

Influencer marketing or connoisseur marketing is known to demonstrate some follow-the-leader patterns wherein an acclaimed person of pleasant tastes in a certain field vouches for a product or a range of products and manages to convince a huge fan following to follow his footsteps if they must. Readership on blogs, subscriptions on regular online channels, followers on social media determine the audience of influencer marketing campaigns. While the count of the audience is fairly estimated by the pool of followers, the results of the campaign can also be statistically backed metrics such as number of clicks, comments, likes, views and shares.

An influencer marketing campaign is placed with various intentions depending on the preferences of the advertiser:
Attract traffic :

Online platforms, marketplaces and websites often host connoisseur marketing campaigns to attract eyeballs to their own online presence. Hyperlinks enable this sharing of traffic between the connoisseur and the platform in question.

Boost sales :

Brands often look for stepped up sales by appealing to their target audience through an influencer’s sources. The huge fan following absorbs the influencer’s content and sometimes this moves them to either press the buy button or bring themselves to the physical store to make the purchase. Depending on the product being marketed, this aim can be achieved with drool-worthy pictures and vivid photography.

New launches :

Firms from different industries take to influencer marketing to launch a new range of products: from a new menu in a new restaurant to a new car model that is set to hit the road. New launches when marketed through connoisseurs across online media manage to get the attention of a vast multitude. It creates the necessary buzz about their innovations while dishing out the necessary details too. A group of influencers can create the right impact for a new launch.

With the rise in use of social media across age groups and the high dependency of buying decisions on online channels, influencer marketing is here to stay.

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