In a Tough Job Market, Should You Trust Your Career to a Startup?

Job market in the global economies is poised on a knife’s edge. Percentage of unemployed citizens in progressing countries has already touched double digits. In such an uncertain scenario when securing a job is certainly an achievement in itself, should you consider applying your job search toward startup businesses instead of large corporations? It is undoubtedly up to you to exercise caution and hedge your bets carefully.entrepreneur-723046_640

Let me just weigh the pros and cons of trusting your career to a startup.  Here are the cons:


  1. You will be underpaid. Sometimes, you will never be paid. There is something worst- You need to work for 60+ productive hours. You may have to toil, toil and toil hard. Initially, you may have to live by the adage, “Give everything and expect nothing.”
  2. Startup environment may act as a dampener on your work-life balance. You may have to sacrifice your sleep. Sometimes, your health may get affected.
  3. In any startup, there is little scope to rest. Deadlines are usually tight and you may eventually fail in meeting the obligations of the startup.
  4. Job security is an area of grave concern. Most of the startup entrepreneurs are uncertain of their future. The only certain thing that can be said about startups with certain amount of certainty is the uncertainty itself.


  1. You may be underpaid initially. Imagine working for a startup that is deemed the next Amazon or the next Facebook. Would you risk losing a golden opportunity? Hopefully, you may end up becoming a stakeholder of the startup in the near future.
  2. It is no exaggeration that employees in startups have their hands full with lots and lots of work. Employees should enjoy working and add a few extra skills to their glittering repertoire of expertise. For example, in a startup with a tight budget, a Digital Marketing Manager may have to work on Search Engine Optimization tasks.
  3. The ability to meet deadlines is a marvelous virtue that many people do not possess. Creativity of the employees generally kicks in when deadlines are tight and fast approaching. Employees tend to give their best under such circumstances.
  4. Coming to the area of job security, your brief stint in any startup will enhance your ‘networking’ skills. Networking skills can positively impact your job profile and may fetch you a job in a reputed company. Having said that, you need to have supreme expertise in your respective niche. For example, if you have worked as a Technical Evangelist in a startup, you are expected to fine-tune your technical skills and have a vice like grip on programming languages such as Java, .NET, C++ etc.

Hopefully, I must have answered the question- In a tough job market, should you trust your career to a startup?

Keep watching this space for insights…Cheers!

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