Impact of technology on Indian Education Industry

To match the progress of the world, the pace to fabricate digital India is growing high. Meandering through the Indian land, usage of technology has steeply increased over a couple of years. In turn making it easy to inculcate technological changes in the field of education. Edtech has had a major boost last year and will continue to do so the following year.

Eyeing the same, mentioned below are impacts of technology in milieu of Indian Education Industry:

Increase in Digital Literacy

Students find technology orientated education quite alluring. Due to this, there is amplification in online study material, educational games and exercises. This not only enwraps the students, but also aids them in retaining better. Teachers can’t be stifled from the same! Therefore, through various workshops, educators have progressed in using technology efficiently. Edtech makes it easy for educators to explain a topic or re-explain, if need be. Less effort, less time, more productivity!  

Thumbs up for investors

In order to properly rear the idea of digital education, government of India has stepped forward with an investment of nearly 81 million dollars for digital classrooms. Use of white boards, projectors or screens wearables and tablets have spread widely. To provide with updates and auxiliary material, CBSE has launched the E-CBSE application. These heavy impacts of ongoing projects are expected to boost the EdTech industry of India to 40 billion dollars this year. Nevertheless, entrepreneurs can bet their bottom dollar in this sector. Huge investments surround this space.

Easy computation of one’s progress

Electronic methods grapple more number of students, with personalized attention as well as immediate feedback. Ventures related to Edtech are up with fresh and enticing features to grip the students in the best way possible. Parents have access to their ward’s performance and can interact with the school whenever required.  

Privacy concerns pinpoint some temporary negativity

Revolution and security go hand in hand and why should safety not be a matter of concern? Though schools have adapted the accessible online vicinity to keep track of performances of both students and teachers, update curriculum etc; but K-12 system security is still troublesome. Few institutes themselves have added high level security systems in order curb any mishap of students’ data and account. However, it is not widely spread. To make this challenging revolution a success, security will be prior in forthcoming projects.

Germination of Edtech has splashed audio – visual, student engaging tools to keep students on the edge of seat. Injecting enthusiasm through technology in lieu of pressure makes education fun for them. More or less that is sufficing!

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