How to get the first paying customers for your startup?

Getting first paying customers for your startup is a triumph of subjective entrepreneurial experiences. While this is indeed a statement that is amenable to test, the pursuit of getting first paying customers for your startup is being hailed as one of the prime intellectual challenges. I believe, entrepreneurs and target audiences are separate yet intertwined domains of entrepreneurial arena. Known to the entrepreneurial philosophers of mind as ‘Paying customers’ conundrum’, this insightful article does its best in addressing this conundrum.

share-2Here is ’How to get the first paying customers for your startup?’:

  1. Cold Emailing: According to Quora, cold emailing is a great way to reach out directly to the people who may be interested in doing business with you within the B2B domain. It’s “cold” because your addressee doesn’t know you or your company until you contact them. So they don’t subscribe to get emails from you (like in newsletters), and they don’t have any previous referrals from the people they know — you’re a total stranger to them. The most difficult part in the cold emailing process is to make sure your messages won’t be treated as spam. To do that, you need learn how to compose the emails, personalize them, and how to send them properly. Please view my post on amazing email subject lines to gain insights.
  2. Tapping existing relationships: Ensure that you tap every existing relationship. Let your close confidantes remain by your side. Grow your list of prospects by approaching every business owner you know. People will be absolutely willing to help. Develop robust business relationships with innumerable business communities.
  3. Growth hacking: If you haven’t read my article on growth hacking, I humbly invite you to read it here. Most of the web and mobile startups leverage the existing social media posts to grab the attention of audiences. To get their startups featured on the front page of internet, digital marketers take all the pains to garner a heap of up-votes on their dedicated reddit community. One of the many proven growth hacking strategies is to write an amazing sales phone script.
  4. Affiliate marketing: This is also called Referral marketing. Once you get a couple of paying customers, insist them to spread the good word. Project your brand credibility. Use influencers. Influencer marketing can do wonders.
  5. Advertising: You can get your startup listed on genuine websites such as In addition, you can promote your startup on various social media channels. Advertising has been a subject hovering beyond the reach of equations. You may have to manage your social media profiles wisely. Write insightful blog posts and most importantly, believe that you are in this world to create an impact.



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