How to find the right Twitter influencers to grow your business

It is important to grow your community of followers on Twitter. The importance of followers cannot be discounted. According to a survey conducted by Small Business Customer Insights, as much as 70% of community of followers love to retweet if they are in love with your business content. Just imagine the immense benefit that your brand gets if it is backed by some Twitter influencers. Your sales increase and revenue also increases. Brand reputation is also enhanced.

But the question is, how do you find the right Twitter influencers to grow your business? Here is an answer to this:

Twitter Groups


It is important to first concentrate on individuals who fall under the aegis of your customer demographic. It is imperative to first define all the necessary traits that a potential individual should possess so that he may wear the hat of an influencer. Channelize your efforts on those individuals whose traits are in line with your brand’s requirements.

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Industry Influencers

Industry influencers generally have huge legions of followers. So, approach them and ask them to endorse your brand. Once they endorse your brand, you will be receiving huge traffic.

Twitter Amplifiers

Twitter Amplifiers are the active influencers. It is likely that all the industry influencers need not be active on Twitter. Amplifiers are active industry influencers. The procedure to identify Twitter Amplifiers is simple- Visit Topsy and subsequently paste the URL of any popular post within your industry segment into this tool. You will be able to identify the Twitter users who are more active in sharing the posts and spreading the good word.

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Twitter Marketing Strategy

Just like Email marketing, there is Twitter marketing. Design a feasible marketing plan to market your brand on Twitter. You have to use popular tools such as Followerwonk and Buffer to execute your actionable plan. The best thing about these tools is that they are free and offer terrific insights on Twitter content, users and data.

Just like Search Engine Optimization, it is imperative to optimize your Twitter profile. Ensure that your profile has all the relevant keywords so as to maximize your profile’s visibility. Observe the trends section. If there are any trends relevant to your industry, start tweeting genuine text. Do not forget to use hashtags and @mentions.

Use URL shorteners to shorten your blog posts’ URLs and tweet the URLs on a regular basis. Be sure to engage your target audience with your tweets and genuine content. You can rely on more advanced Twitter marketing tactics such as Twitter lists as well.

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