How to establish yourself as an influencer in your niche?

Do you want to build up a string of loyal followers? Fabricate your reputation as an influencer in your niche!

Your content should have credibility and must be persuasive enough to influence people.

A study by Blogmint shows that elevation in the digital arena is the highest from influencer marketing! It clearly states that there is a lot of scope for influencers in India. They are in demand in all the industries. Influencers are powerful people.

No doubt there is a long way that a person has to travel to get the tag of an influencer. Following the steps mentioned below will help you gain popularity.

Figure out your domain 

Find out which industry interests you. If you can’t take a stand, look as to which brands engage you. It will help you find your domain. Once you have zeroed down on your niche, you have to expand your knowledge. You would have some expertise in it, still, grow your base and most importantly stay updated. What you tell people will have a strong impact on them. Nevertheless, everyone begins from step-1 but a few become well-known in their niche. Provide authentic content. You’ll see people will start following you and your word.

What is your content type?

Are you comfortable in creating visuals or videos? For example, if you are good at editing pictures rather than making a video. Other than Facebook, Instagram is the platform that you can begin with.

Depending on the type of content you wish to post, you can decide your social platform. Beginning with 1-2 platforms and gaining hold of them will be enough for the initial stage. Try linking these accounts wherever possible to grow your reach on each platform.

Draft a strategy

Not only planning regarding the content is important, but its promotion is equally important. Imagine, you have the best content, it won’t provide any benefit to you if it’s not posted or shared amongst people. This is the reason why promotion is important. Also, if you don’t share it with the appropriate audience, its value is lost. For this, you need a promotional strategy.

Give reasons to people so that they engage with your content. The best way to do this is, think of yourself as a reader of a post and analyse ‘why should I be interested in this post or other posts from this blogger?’. In addition to this, pondering on – ‘why will people be hooked to my content?’ is something that will help you to post a better form of content.

Grasp attention

No one is asking you to gain attention by posting a video or photo where you are looking funny or crazy. However, it should be your content that should enthral the viewer! There are various ways to do it. Check them out!

  1. Occasionally commenting on others’ posts. With this, a completely different set of people will come across your comment and out of curiosity they might look as to who you are and what you do.
  2. Create your own website. This will lead your community people to a place where all your content is visible. It is really beneficial and a far-fetched approach.
  3. Respond and interact with people who comment on your posts. This will bridge the gap between you and your readers. Due to your accessibility, you’ll be the person they will rely on in future.
  4. Provide valuable, engaging and interactive content.

Offer only fresh content to your community

Yes, it is difficult but not impossible. There are various topic generating tools available online those act as a helping hand. To name a few- Hubspot & Buzzsumo. You can skim through top posts using Buzzsumo to check what is trending. This will give you some idea for your next post. Using Hubspot’s topic generator you can gather 7 topics in one go! Along with these, there are numerous renowned sites that post content every now and then. They might initiate some ideas in your mind as well. Most of all, be consistent. It can be one blog a day or one blog every third day or anything that suits you.

Keep an eye on the keywords you use

Not that you have to fill your posts only with keywords, however using them wherever necessary helps your post to rank better. Gone are those days when Google accepted a large number of keywords. But now, use only those keywords which are relevant. The reason I am emphasizing on only necessary keywords is that overloading them refrains your post to stand along with the top ranked posts.  

Build your network

This is great to build up your reputation! Find other influencers. Share their content occasionally. More often than not they’ll do the same. This will help both of you. Consequently, your content will outreach a completely different audience. Keep this practice and eventually, you’ll weave strong connections.

Be a guest author

Once you have established a decent place in your niche, that is, when a few people have started recognising you. To build a stronger influence you should become a guest author at a few well-recognised sites. Your brand’s value (that is your name) will step higher! Apart from this, you’ll be expanding your audience in a very short span of time.

To become a well-known influencer, you need to master your industry. Influence can’t be gained with a blink of the eye, it requires practice and effort. The response of your audience is the mirror reflection of your influence on them. Tracking it will help you perform better.


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