How to Craft a Successful Crowdfunding Pitch

It is hard to deny as I leaf through the crowdfunding pitches, that entrepreneurs glamorize their pitches to be admired, rather than documenting and chronicling what’s worth mentioning. Indeed, either very deliberately or unintentionally, they aestheticize their pitches and hence anaesthetize the viewers. The consequence thus is a profound accusation that the people have been hornswoggled and hence, the target audiences seem to see the entrepreneurs who have approached them for funding as fraudsters. Another consequence is the entrepreneurs can no longer thoughtfully impact the so called ‘crowds’. This write-up is all about ‘How to craft a successful crowd funding pitch.’ And yes, you will undoubtedly learn to display patient craftsmanship in making your crowdfunding pitch lapidary and definitive.

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  1. Crowdfunding Proposition: Crowdfunding proposition is all not about using any industry specific jargon. It is about explaining to your investors (crowds, relatives and friends in this case) the following points:
  • Industry related problems that your venture solves.
  • Genuine and cogent reasons why people will make a beeline to your venture and not to your competitors’ ventures.
  • Added benefits and complementary assets that are a necessary concomitant of your proposition.myth-2
  1. Target Audiences: Enunciate and elucidate who your target audiences are. Explain and convince them that you are going to be the next impact player on a global scale.
  2. Making the first impression: A naïve individual will never understand the meaning of ‘patents’, ‘intangible assets’, ‘brand equity’ etc. Making the first impression is what makes the crowds say, “Absolutely right to the point and guaranteed to stir things up.” Make sure you have an influencer and if you don’t, do not hesitate to pitch yourself as a game changer. And yes, ensure that you a logo and a few impressive images in your pitch. Images will help you make the best impression.
  3. Video: Let me talk about the duration of the video- it should ideally be of 2-5 minutes. Coming to the content of the video, project what’s plaguing your niche for a minute. In the next minute, project how courageously and how innovatively you are going to hack off the plaguing problem. The last minute should be utilized to explain how the funds collected from crowds would be utilized.Why making videos is a good startup idea?
  4. Qualifications: If you are a committed educator, people listen to you with a lot of respect. If you are qualified both academically and intellectually, crowds will be driven into the state of ‘Deep thoughts and profound perceptions.’
  5. Your venture in social media: If your venture has a decent legion of admirers on social media platforms, chances are that the crowds may join your bandwagon quickly.
  6. Sign off with a smile and a message: Ask your crowds to spread the good message. Give them your contact numbers and email-ids. Thank them and sign off with a pleasant smile.

At a time of heightened entrepreneurial woes, our blogs can help you find some solace. Keep reading for insights…..Cheers!

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