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India is emerging as a startup hub with new different ideas cracking every now and then. Currently, the wind is blowing over the food sector, to succor people with their rattling pace of life. Here at Myventure, we present an interview from the cofounder of That Food Co, Mr. Nikunj, reconstructed as a case study. As consumers today, have no time for culinary experiments but want to consume delicious food. TFC brings to them new blend of different flavors packed in their at-most delicious form.

About That Food Co.


With an aim to become the Apple Store of the food sector, That Food Co. provides progressive flavors and products for the ever evolving taste buds of an Indian foodie. It believes in experimenting and exploring possible ingredients that blend to create delicacies, giving rise to those sweet as well as savory taste buds. This venture intents to become the trending age company in the FMCG sector. It is in the biz which creates flavors in multiple formats to make daily meals interesting.

Onset of TFC

It started back in Dec 2015, as foodtainment company, specializing in themed and curated food in the events space. The Hulk burgers and Elsa cupcakes at Comicon became a rage and got TFC to its next level. Let’s hear about the same from Mr. Nikunj, “It was at one such event in Taj Vivanta when TFC curated a range of relishes, butters and sauces when the company had its eureka moment. Now, we want to be a holistic food brand with a full-stack model i.e. one source that produces a range of products across different segments.”

Cofounders of TFC


That food co.

Picking up right cofounders is a meticulous job. When asked about the formation of the team, he said, “Forming the team was difficult. Getting the right set of people onboard takes time as it took us nearly 6-8 months to initiate.” Subduing everything TFC managed to dig out a team. Here is a brief about its team.
Responsible for the Operations, Logistics and the website product development with backend processes, Nikunj has worked at multiple startups for 2+years as Product Manager.

Nehal, the Chef holds fort for Kitchen Production, Inventory management and Supply Chain. He has been the head chef at Mia Cucina and has worked under a Michelin star chef (Julio delgado) in Atlanta.

Laveena, an ex-consultant at Deloitte with a brief experience at a Delhi based food startup – Sattviko, handles Sales herself as the lone warrior with added involvement in Digital Marketing and Brand Strategy that spans Online as well as Offline targets.

Gia handles Branding and Marketing. She’s the design ninja, who’s working at Whyness worldwide, an advertising agency and has worked with brands like Cadbury.

Target audience

The venture aspires to serve this millennial generation who’d eventually move online and rely on subscription packages for their staple diets. Upcoming middle class who expects a good food experience every time, now has an an array of flavors to choose from! Let’s not forget the housewives, through TFC they get ample room to woo their families and make gourmet food with minimal effort.

The 20-30 year old metro crowd staying away from home has an easy on the go fillers for their meals and snacks. And none other than foodies who love exploring and trying new food now get a fresh mix of intriguing products that are not easily available everywhere.

Subsequent plans

TFC plans to experiment with new product segments like snacks or complete meal boxes. It will soon setup mass production equipment that would cater huge volumes of production, supply chain and fulfill logistic demands as well. In upcoming 12 months its main focus is on India and in next 24 months it’ll like to grip hands globally.

To wrap up with a piece of advice

Tip from the cofounder, “Think, analyze and research as much as possible. Meet, network as relationships build businesses.

Do not assess yourself on your own. “And last, but the most important truth, your customer is your boss. Never assume, take feedback at every stage” adjoined the cofounder.

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