How startups can use Twitter to generate leads?

Twitter is an online social micro-blogging service that allows its users to post very short snippets of 140-character messages. In other words, users can post 140-character tweets.  Registered users can post and read tweets. However, un-registered users do not enjoy the privilege of posting tweets.  They can only read. When it comes to the amelioration of generating leads by using Twitter, many startups, to all intents and purposes, can achieve growth and success only upto a ‘legitimate’ limit, and not a millimeter beyond that.  That zone, which is made to lie beyond startups’ grasp and startup’s reach, is stereotypically deemed implausible and bizarre. However, this stereotypical conception is merely a myth. Many entrepreneurs are unaware of the true potential of this micro-blogging site. When it comes to effective B2B marketing and lead generation, the role of twitter cannot be overlooked and dismissed.


Here is how startups can use Twitter to generate leads:

  1. Identify the people who are following you on twitter:

Identify the customers who are following you on twitter. Pay heed to their preferences. Try to build a network with the existing customer base and slowly try to increase the list of followers. Every time you pay close attention and watch your customers, you get an indispensable clue.

  1. Identify your competitors:

Identify your competitors. Keep an eye on what type of content they are posting. Identify their tweets. If your competitors are ahead of you, there is nothing wrong in scouting their ideal tweet-recipe. Create insightful tweet combinations that bespeak your valuable mentions. These tweets make you stand apart and stand ahead. Here is an infographic:


  1. Engage in ‘One-to-one’ correspondence with your customers:

This is easier said than done. As the number of followers increases, this ‘one-to-one’ correspondence becomes tedious. However, by engaging in such a ‘one-to-one’ correspondence, you can solicit feedback not about your tweets but also about your services. Quick tips from consumers are on the cards as well!

  1. Transform your consumers into social media advocates:

Without much ado, let me emphasize this point- Twitter alone will not make this happen. It is recommended to integrate twitter with social media campaigns. Encourage your customers to follow your company and brand on twitter. Ask them to tweet, tweet and tweet! As your ‘customer reach’ increases, business leads increase.


  1. Ensure credibility in your tweets:

If your tweets are dubious, customers are likely to take your brand with a pinch of salt. Ensure credibility in your tweets. Add links to your blogs and websites. Become influential.

Tweet regularly. Post updates. Don’t be too ‘business-oriented’ as it may backfire. Follow the aforementioned steps and generate leads.

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