How startups can leverage the power of social media influencers?

Digital marketers have a knack for intuitive measurements. A belief in digital marketing gambits entails, among many other beliefs, a focus on leveraging the power of social media influencers. Inception of tapping the potential of social media influencers is characteristic of the emerging trends in digital marketing. The magical and lambent brilliance of an influencer can make your venture an epicenter of a huge transition- a transition from impotence to omnipotence.


Who are social media influencers?

Nobody notices an un-interacting observer who resembles a fly on the wall. Social media influencers are the exact opposite of un-interacting observers. Social media influencers are individuals with an enviable fan base. They have expertise in their respective domains. They are often blessed with a rich follower count. The following qualities distinguish them from faineants:

  • Credibility: Social media influencers provide genuine product reviews. They provide the pros and cons of the recently launched product. Remember, they aren’t biased. So, one can expect a balanced view and not a lopsided one.
  • Refined thoughts: They try their best to discard misleading beliefs, unwanted diversions and any tendencies of utter obscurity.
  • Ability to impact: They have the ability to impact their followers.
  • Engage and influence: They can engage their audiences with brainy stuff.
  • Predictable virtues– They have the passion and eternal hunger to learn, moot and pitch out-of-box ideas.

A person who has the aforementioned qualities along with a huge fan base is a valuable social media influencer.


Here is how startups can leverage the power of social media influencers:

  1. Ask your influencers to endorse your skills on LinkedIn. A genuine review and recommendation of certain skills is also desirable. So, it all boils down to endorsements.
  2. Tag your social media influencers. Take an example of a startup that is into fashion industry. An articulate product review on any product be it- floppy handkerchiefs or antique cufflinks, it is best to tag social media influencers, in this case, tag the hipster(s) who has(have) the look of a dandy.
  3. After you are done publishing the content on your website, inform your influencers to tweet on Twitter. In addition, ask them to share the one-minute video on snapchat. Encourage influencers to share your content on Facebook pages.
  4.  More often than not, social media influencers stay active on forums, webinars and other avenues such as Quora etc. Almost every social media influencer who is well read has the wit, imagination and timing of an aficionado. So, ask them to share your content on such platforms as well. Platforms such as Quora create memorable customer experiences.
  5. Every social media influencer has his/her own distinctive style. So, customize the social media campaigns accordingly.
  6. The process of interviewing, as is MyVenture’s wont, betokens success. Interview your social media influencers and publish the interview on your blogs.
  7. In any business setting, it is all about minding your P’s and Q’s. Co-create content with influencers who believe in the aforementioned ideology.
  8. Build sustainable relationships. Pay them well. The work of influencing their target audiences will keep them on their toes.
  9. Use Google Analytics and other tools to track your leads.

Almost everyone who has an idea of who an influencer is will vouch for leveraging the power of social media influencers!

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