How Mohit is taking North-East India to the world through


There are a plethora of news portal on the internet. But did you ever come across any portal that is trying to bring to light the North-Eastern part of our country?

The entire North-East region of India gets very little main stream attention and even when it does, it is when there are terror attacks or floods. We recently got a chance to interact with Mohit Todarwal, the founder of who wants to showcase the huge positives this region has to offer.

How Mohit is taking North East to the world through


Please introduce Nelive to our readers. is a news and info portal for the North-East India. We are doing original stories from the region, with a focus on the positives, strengths and abilities of the NE and its people. We want to report on the amazing people and their resilience in spite of the negligence of local and national government.


How did you come up with this idea?

The idea was born about 15 months ago, when we saw the potential of the region and using digital media as a vehicle to tell the story. The region just like any other requires responsible media to tell the positives for the region, to report on the business in the region and provide advertising solutions to SME’s.


How time consuming or difficult was it to get started?

It was both time consuming as well as difficult. Since the region does not have most of the basic set up that is needed for a start up. It was very difficult to manage everything.

What about the team ? What domain experience do they have?

We are a motley crew of digital media , journalists and online writers having well experience of Digital media, product management, technical and business development, journalism and online blogging. We have 4 full time staff and approx. 25 freelance writers and reporters


Who are your potential competitors and what distinguishes you from them?

We consider legacy media from the region as competition and our expertise on running digital media platforms gives us the edge. We are creating original stories and reportage from the North East region. We are also creating a classifieds brand, with a focus on collecting listings from the fields ensuring they are verified and genuine. Online will ensure we can get a global reach and as the region opens up, it’s a 40 million USD economy waiting to mushroom and we then want to provide the businesses the opportunity to expand and market their products.


Where do you see your venture in the next few years?

We want to be the largest digital media news platform and become the largest classifieds portal for the region in the coming years. Currently we plan to launch in Imphal in a month or two and then launch in Dimapur by the end of the year. Our goal is to spread the awareness on the power of internet in the north east. This will not only help local audience to keep themselves updated, but will also make sure that local business are also promoted online through our platform to reach out to the world.


Sharing your experience as an entrepreneur, what advice would you like to give to the young entrepreneurs starting today?

My Journey as an entrepreneur has been the typical high and low. Highs when we launched and saw surge in traffic, low with the constant feisty situation in Manipur and other states we operate and report in/from. So I would advice- Start your idea and plan for it, especially cash flow and business model. Be flexible and open to accepting new ideas. Get help from the experts whenever you can.

How Mohit is taking North East to the world through

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