How LinkedIn can help you find your next job?

Today, it’s all about networking. Like as they, “It isn’t about what you know, it’s about whom you know”. LinkedIn helps you with the same, lets you make a network of powerful connections. Not only this, it could also help you find your next job!

Many recruiters around the globe choose LinkedIn as a hiring medium. It’s easy to use, low maintenance and almost all professionals have got a profile on it. Here we bring you how exactly you can turn LinkedIn into a job finder:

Have a complete profile

This not only acts as your introduction to the professional world but also as your resume.  So, make it your first priority to fill in each and every detail about yourself. It should include information about your education- School, colleges or universities that you’ve attended, grades, an area of specialization(s), other qualifications or extracurricular interests and recommendations from your mentors and former employees.

Make connections

Do not hesitate in making connections. Just do it. Your update profile generates lists of your connections from other social media profiles. Makeup a base for yourself. Online presence on LinkedIn offers you a credibility that written resumes may not.

Customize your profile URL
Make your public profile URL look professional and meaningful, not some random letters of numbers. And if you’re not getting a hang of it, “LinkedIn Help Centre” provides a detailed step by step procedure for the same.

Engage and Interact

Send personalized seasoned greetings, congratulatory notes and invitations to your connections. Keep on posting updates and links to useful articles. Update your statuses and the events and projects undertaken by you lately. Find people having same interests and career objectives as you (LinkedIn helps by offering constant suggestions). Join groups and take part in online conversations. Ask and answer questions. Make everyone feel your presence.

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