How entrepreneurs can leverage the power of LinkedIn groups for networking

In today’s competitive and busy world where people do not have time to converse with friends and near ones, social networking sites have undoubtedly to rescue. Due to the increase in population, the number of users of social networking sites such as Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn has increased overwhelmingly. While Facebook has become the savior of all those people who do not take the trouble of meeting friends personally, LinkedIn has become a viable hub to all white-collar professionals. In other words, professionals vying for the approval of MNCs, peer groups etc. find LinkedIn a preferred virtual reality.


Here is how entrepreneurs can leverage the power of LinkedIn groups for networking:

  1. Make the initial impression:

It is all about making the first best impression. As an entrepreneur, it behooves on you to disperse your thoughts on emerging industry trends. Integrate your blog with your company’s or startup’s LinkedIn profile. Inform your existing contacts and customers about your industry concerns and come up with an innovative and efficient solution. Engage in group discussions and do your best to dispense the required information. Pitch yourself as a thought leader in the realm of entrepreneurial world.

  1. Import your contacts:

Expand your network of contacts by importing your list of contacts from Gmail, Yahoo etc. Find people in your niche. Find people who can advertise your posts on other groups as well. Once your posts gain traction, you gain find people who can advertise your content on reputed magazines, websites etc. It is all about reaching the right people within a particular LinkedIn group.

  1. Hiring the right guy:

There are many freelancers with excellent skills in a few specialized domains. Identify potential freelancers and hire them for your cause. Freelancers are an integral part of professional LinkedIn groups.

  1. Significance of Company page:

Ensure that you update your company page on a daily basis. Diversify your gambits to gain traction. Post questions on your company page and prod your customers into action. Ensure that your customers relish spending time going through your company page.

  1. Advisory group:

If you have a lot of experience in solving industry issues, form an advisory LinkedIn group. Promote yourself as the key advisor. Advice your connections if they accost you.

Entrepreneurs can leverage the power of LinkedIn groups for networking by implementing the aforementioned strategies.

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