How creating a blog can help your startup generate more leads

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In one of my previous articles, I eloquently described the importance of maintaining a blog. Here is the link that redirects you to my insightful article on ‘Why you should maintain a blog for your businesses’: blog-2

Viral marketing is extremely powerful. However, it doesn’t hold candle to blogging which is an integral part of content marketing. Blogs make your brand all the more visible. Driven by passion and determination, professional bloggers sometimes do something so out-of-the-box, whip-smart and different from the crowd. This often results in creating the much needed hype, traction and dictates the success of a startup. Blog can help your startup generate more leads.  Here is how a blog works wonders:

1. Objective of writing: It is imperative to identify the objective of writing. Write to either solve the industry problems or share the already available resources. While this may sound too trivial to mention the objective of writing, many blogs manifest on internet are full of nonsensical pabulum. If you write on topics that your venture/startup solves or focuses, it is likely that reputed search engines such as Google, Yahoo give you higher ranks.
2. A notch above websites: Make your blogs a notch above your website. A visitor’s first experience with your startup may be through your blog. Host your blogs on the same domain on which you host your website. It is best to include your blogs as subdomains to your website. If you haven’t created a blog and looking for a reliable hosting. You can consider using dream host.

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After you are sorted with hosting, the next thing to work on is the design. I would suggest you to read the post – Popular WordPress Magazine Themes, so that you get a fair bit of understanding on how to choose a theme for your blog.

3. Killer content: It just doesn’t feel right if you have just a captivating theme. You should have killer content to beguile some valuable time of your target audiences.

4. Be regular: As a thumb rule, write atleast one lead generation article with killer content every day. Remember, audiences prefer blogs that are regular over the ones that are regularly irregular.

5. Links to other resources: If your blog post is somewhat related to other posts, furnish the links of such resources within the blog. As an alternative action, you may include features such as ‘Get a free trial’, ‘Take a tour’,’ Request a white paper’ etc. Keyword based linking is an absolute must have feature.

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6. Subscription services: Allow your customers to subscribe to your blogs and receive regular updates via email and RSS feed. Whenever you update a blog post or publish a new article, notification is sent to your customers. Ensure that you follow all the steps of email etiquette which are detailed out in one of my articles. If your blog is hosted on WordPress, you should use Bloom EmailOpt-in plugin for WordPress. This plugin is highly customisable and packed with a lot of features to convert your site visitors into subscribers. You can try the plugin demo here.

7. Social sharing icons: Embed social sharing icons such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc. The higher the number of shares, the higher is the traction. You can consider using Monarch Plugin for WordPress which again comes with a lot of options. You can choose from over 29 social media networks. Add and arrange any number of available networks to create a custom collection of sharing options for your visitors. You can try the plugin demo here.

A blog cannot bring wondrous results all by itself. It is undoubtedly the task of digital marketers to promote all the blog posts.

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