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Only businessmen and diplomats make a profession out of conventional pursuits and orthodox courtesies. However, Akash Domadiya and Harsh Patel, the founders of, epitomized the entrepreneurial spirit by embarking on an unorthodox and out-of-box journey. is a scalable next generation B2B e-commerce portal and a powerhouse that throws open the doors and windows of raw material procurement and delivery for SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises).The name signifies its profound meaning- ‘trade hub of raw materials.’ It is channelizing its efforts and unparalleled endeavors to bridge the existing gap and fill the void manifest in the sectors of chemicals, polymer& additives, pharma, and food & agriculture.

The power of creative minds is quite awesome as is the power of creative personalities. The duo met each other at Primal Water (Sarvajal). Akash was on a fellowship with the revolutionary water ATM project, and Harsh was interning in sales and business development. Their characteristic traits and a spate of favoring circumstances culminated in sharing their ideologies, and in the course of their conversations, they realized that wanted to build something that deviated from the traditional course. All said and done, they initiated their venture- ‘ business grows here.’ Following the same vein, Akash works for around 50 productive hours a week.

Operating from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, the founders have embraced the vision of supplying raw materials on a global scale. For Akash Domadiya and Harsh Patel, being partners in an outlandishness has been a great jumping-off point. They were never too quick in judging an idea and putting it in a file that they might never open again. Their business expertise and experience of three years in international trade prompted them to leverage their passion for entrepreneurship and technology by channelizing their efforts on Small and Medium enterprises. Their goal of reaching 1 Billion USD Gross Merchandising Value (GMV) by the year 2020 bespeaks their excellence in thoughts. To do so successfully, the members are counting on technology.



Akash has more than 5 years of experience in the field of import – export, turnkey project management & HR consulting. He has rich knowledge about the international trade and he is a visionary. He is highly efficient in executing tough tasks well. He is a serial entrepreneur and founded & consulted ventures in the field of solar, food processing & chemicals etc. In addition, he is a managing trustee in Ingenius Education Foundation (IEF). He won Gujarat Chamber of Commerce & Industry’s “Young entrepreneur of year” Award in 2012 from Shri Narendra Modi. He was also the youngest Fellow to the Chief Minister Shri Narendra Modi during 2011-12. He holds B. Tech (I.T.) from prestigious Nirma Institute of Technology, Ahmedabad.

Harsh Patel has more than 4 years of experience in Turn key project management, real estate projects & import – export. He has excellent expertise in finance & accounting and market and technology research. He is also trustee in Ingenious Education Foundation (IEF). He holds M.B.A (specialized in Marketing and Project Management) from I2IM – Changa University, Anand.

Indeed, since world is replete with Small and Medium enterprises, and not of only big businesses of American variety, the company’s aim of empowering SMEs will undoubtedly add value to both buyers and suppliers. Very often, buyers bleed on the purchasing front. They may unknowingly end up shelling extra amount on low-quality raw materials. By availing the services of Tradohub, buyers can benefit a great deal and save a fortune. So, what is in store for sellers? Tradeohub takes supreme care of cumbersome marketing, distribution and supply-chain issues. As a result, economies of scale of large enterprises can be nullified.  Leveraging of economies is an integral part of their vision. There is something more to it than it meets eye- Buyers don’t get cheated and the responsibility of complete transaction is taken care of by them.

You can learn more about them by watching this video.



Entrepreneurial journey has never been easy for the founders. Very often, they always found good time to focus on anything that has been a priority. To focus on a global scale, a sense of renewed zest is necessary.  Global shipping and logistic solution still remain challenging. Initially, winning the loyalty of customers and building a strong customer base seemed daunting to the founders. Ensuring robustness and enhanced security in transactions requires scalable technology. Initially, it seemed a colossal mountain to climb. However, their perseverance and never-give-up attitude prodded them into action and today, they stand as pioneers with enviable credentials.

Their revenue till date stands at an estimated 3 crores. However, Akash and Harsh opine that it isn’t the time to open the can of confetti. They avowed to work hard and smart to transform themselves into a billion dollar company. The year 2020 is going to witness the legend of the company continue as its members are hopeful of launching an IPO.

From rags to riches, their journey has been challenging yet rewarding and satisfactory. Here is the key take away to all young entrepreneurs-Akash in his unique characteristic style quotes,   “Dream big, have fun, build a solid team that is always focused and stays competitive. Embrace technology and stay tech savvy. Follow the wise words and pay attention to the insightful counsel of your mentors. Chase your dream!”

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