How Aditya and Amit are helping individuals develop their skills through recruitwheels

With technological insurrection and escalating degree of automation, redundancy has evidently become the order of the day. In modern day context, the term ‘redundancy’ signifies the sacking or separation of an employee from the job because of a change of product or organizational restructuring. Earlier, jobs were created in Government organizations and public undertakings to recruit candidates with appropriate credentials and qualifications. In keeping with the glorious tradition of job creation, the number of jobs created was one of the parameters to appraise and assess the success of a commercial enterprise or governmental organization.

Today, the trend is different. Organizations have realized the importance of ‘flat and lean’ organizational structure to enhance their competitive edge. Organizations are sublimating and refining their adventurous strategies to reduce their direct wage bill and also the employee related overheads. This trend is apparent from the fact that many automobile giants such as General Motors, Suzuki and insurance companies have been announcing job cuts and lay-offs from time to time. In addition, banks and other Government undertakings have been announcing voluntary retirement schemes. An organization’s spirit lies in recruiting right candidates who are determined, dedicated and talented. To bridge the gap between employers and job-seekers, RECRUIT WHEELS has come up with its own set of trump cards. RECRUIT WHEELS is one stop solution for job-seekers and recruiters- Job seekers get the RIGHT JOB at RIGHT PLACE and companies get the RIGHT PEOPLE.

Recruit Wheels is the brain child of Amit Dewan and Aditya Sisodia. This venture started with sole purpose for helping candidates and organization with their talent engagement. The tipping point for this venture emerged in a startling fashion. While working in corporate and handling multiple assignments, the founders felt that there is miscommunication between what employers seek from candidates and what candidates seeks from a career. They opined that our education system doesn’t prepare candidates for competitive corporate tasks. Aditya Sisodia said, “Not many are able to appreciate and realize the essence of education. Fat salaries and heavy paychecks have become the order of the day. After graduating from college, students are left with glum faces in the corporate world. Our education system should take the rap.”

On the supposed subject of target audience, Amit Dewan said, “Our target audience is Startup and SMEs on one hand and job-seekers on the other hand. As a matter of fact, startup/SMEs/MSMEs want to hire, attract and retain right talent and on the other hand candidates want employment, employability and skill enhancement as per their expectations. We not only act as consultant to our clients but also as tutors, trainer and partners in their journey. Perfection in our ideas has materialized. The ecosystem is supportive to our initiatives and we are blessed to have a strong referral network, which have helped us along the journey. Outpouring of adulation and admiration from clients bespeaks our work.”

Dedicated and determined, that’s what the members of RECRUIT WHEELS are. Aditya Sisodia, visibly elated, further asserts, “All our team members are highly qualified and have an experience of over 5 years in their relevant domain, all have proven their support and faith in Recruit Wheels Management. I am proud of all my team members.” Here is a short snippet on their relevant domain experiences:


Aditya Sisodia: Marketing & Training 5+ Years

Amit Dewan: Recruitment & Operations 5+ years

Mansi Agarwal: Recruitment, Operations, Training 4.5+ years

Siddarth Sabu: Recruitment, Business Development, International Marketing 5+ years

Sapna Sharma: Recruitment 5+ years

Success through entertaining and the astute use of vision are highly indicative. The co-founders vision is to be make Recruit Wheels the ultimate consultant partner for Startups and SME’s, and also the best bet for job-seekers who wish to fine-tune their expertise in relevant corporate domains. The company’s vision is to encourage startups/SMEs and empower youth to become thought leaders in their respective domains. In 5 years, they see themselves in India’s top 10 Consulting firms.

To realize their dream of being the ‘next big thing’, the team members of Recruit Wheels are persisting in their endeavors. Amidst heaps of files and loads of work, they engage themselves in memorable learning experiences.

Here is the key takeaway- Their business model is simple, yet highly effective. Their motto “Empower and engage key stakeholders by working closely, understand their expectation and finally educate them in best possible manner”, clearly bespeaks their extraordinary prescience. Going further, Aditya poignantly calls the curtains with this advice to all young entrepreneurs,” Believe in yourself, if you don’t believe, then who else will believe. Be determined to give your 100% in what you start. Learn, learn and learn. Learn every-moment and learn from every-day experiences.

Team Myventure whole-heartedly wishes RECRUIT WHEELS to stand as a beacon among India’s top consulting firms and realize their vision and mission in the larger realm of ‘startup’ world.


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