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Team Galanation

Our wonderful readers have given us some rave reviews for extensively covering various startup stories that range from rags to riches, from bizarre to brilliance and from orthodox to radical. Team MyVenture is engulfed in clouds of love and we are thankful to our readers as our startup stories have found the most natural way of being told, causing the readers to often think, If ever there were something a profession should be, this is it! ‘Being an entrepreneur’ is slated to be the most favorable and productive profession.

Today, MyVenture brings to your knowledge, the success story of a startup that enjoyed the Midas touch of entrepreneurship. In business, sheer brilliance helped Harikumar Pillai and Mohammed Mustafa, co-founders of, a cashback and coupon website which helps users to earn cashback and coupons for shopping at various ecommerce retail sites like Flipkart, Amazon, Yatra, Snapdeal, Limeroad, Redbus, etc. customers can redeem their cashback in the form of Mobile/ DTH, data card recharges.


Phantasmagoria of the first steps

The energy of determined entrepreneurs like Harikumar Pillai and Mohammed Mustafa will sweep their paths into an entrepreneurial paradise. The cofounders’ approach to work has been methodical, disciplined and systematic for most part of their journey. The cofounders’ embarked on an entrepreneurial journey for the joy and need of it and because of this, their modus operandi knows no constraints. Taking a leaf from his history books, Harikumar Pillai said, “When we were in hostel, we saw a tremendous increase in the number of online shoppers in the hostel itself. At the same time, the E-commerce sector was also booming. We took it as an opportunity to come up with a service which will be helpful for the online shoppers. So we did a survey among people to know their interest with regard to Extra cashback. We were amazed by the responses. So we decided to make our idea a reality.”

He articulately added, “At first, we did a pilot study to understand the market potential and customer behavior. We analyzed the growth of E-commerce sector and the scope of it. It took us a year to completely study and to setup our website. We needed to ensure that our website is user friendly, simple to use and bug-free. To ensure that, we had rescheduled our website’s launch since some bugs existed here and there. After fixing all the bugs and after making our website feature rich, we officially launched our website on 11-February-2015.”


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Target Audiences

It must now have been clear for our readers to infer that Galanation’s target audiences are online shoppers in India. Harikumar Pillai, the co-founder sounded optimistic and remarked, “Since we are offering all the latest coupons, offers and extra cashback of various online shopping sites in India. It would be of great help for the shoppers to know all the latest offers and discount codes on a single platform. There are so many online shopping sites in India, so it is very difficult for a customer to know which site provides huge discounts. This consumes big time of the consumers. We wanted to solve this problem and hence, we came up with this idea. We provide latest offers, exclusive coupons of our partnered shopping sites on a single platform. And we give extra cashback to customers, which makes a DOUBLE SAVING. By shopping via Galanation, customers can save both time and money.”


Team Galanation

Surprisingly, this amazing venture is being managed by only two members and they are none other than the cofounders. This suggests a tidiness in their endeavors that most of the half-hearted entrepreneurs fail to possess. Both the cofounders manage entire activities like updating coupons , offers , partnering with new retailers, digital marketing , offline marketing , developing new marketing strategies , SEO , Customer Relationship Management , preparation of financial reports etc. They have been supported by six potential partners. The cofounders earned their MBA from SCMS School of technology and management. They launched their website after completing their specialization in Finance and Marketing.

Team Galanation

From L to R: Mohammed Mustafa (Co-founder), Harikumar Pillai (Founder)

Vision and Mission

The cofounders’ vision is to make Galanation, India’s most trusted cashback and coupon website by optimum utilization of technology, innovation and human resources. Here is their mission- To enhance the user shopping experiences by the way of rewarding their customers with cashbacks and coupons, thereby providing a one stop solution for online shopping and becoming a part of a social change.

Shades of dedication and tireless hours of effort

Entrepreneurship serves up perfect slices of life’s pie on a clean plate. Harikumar, in a tone of tough, joyous and slantwise sensibilities mused, “For us, the hours we spend for our Startup doesn’t matter. We love what we do. We are very dedicated and committed. There are days when we slept at 3 or 4 am. It’s a great feeling to work in your own startup. Each day is a new lesson for us, we keep on learning new things which helps to take our business to next level. We are incubated in startup village where we work from 10 am to 7 pm and continue work from home. Sunday is also a working day for us.

It has really been an awesome journey so far. Everyday is a new experience for us. Learning new things, testing, taking risks, challenges and planning to overcome. When some mistakes happen, we remember not to repeat the same. Initially, our parents were worried since all our friends rushed for placements. We were then working for our startup and we didn’t even have the prototype to showcase. Eventually, our parents believed in us and their faith and trust are the greatest strengths.”

Some spirited conversation with Mohammed Mustafa

Mohammed Mustafa, the other cofounder joined the conversation and voiced, “The market is untapped and we see huge potential in India. Presently, there are around 35 cashback website as per our analysis which don’t include coupons only website. The specialty of our portal is that the minimum amount to redeem is just Rs 10. Where as in other cashback sites, the customer needs to shed a minimum amount of Rs50 or Rs250. Our redeem options are absolutely convenient allowing a user to recharge  his/her or any one’s Mobile ,DTH or data card according to his/her wish. We are planning to come up with new modes of redeem options. Good service, building loyal customers, creating trust among the users will help us to succeed. We provide highest cashback with fastest confirmation to the users.”


Advice to young entrepreneurs

“If you have an idea don’t get stuck on it, go ahead. All the ingredients to transform your idea into a reality will come to you. You might not get positive responses at first but never back down. Believe in your idea, keep on saying one thing in your mind ‘I want to make my business a success’.”

Expressing the gratitude

Entrepreneurs should stand up for principles and values. One should never forget to thank those who know the greed of love and shapes of devotion. For all the struggle and endeavors, the cofounders have been rewarded with rich dividends. Here is what the cofounders have to express their appreciation, “Our firm is incubated at a startup village, which is PPP model business incubator located at Cochin, Kerala. We got a lot help from Startup village like Advices, networking opportunity, opening Zero balance current account, discounted firm registration service and many more. We got a good support from our SCMS college. We thank all our well-wishers.”

We advise our readers to keep reading our insightful startup stories and come up with amazing suggestions. Meanwhile, you can register on Galanation to save time and and money. Click here

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