Good explainer videos can increase your conversions

Good explainer videos have rose to positions of eminence to give conversions a leg-up. Good explainer videos are all about simplistic explanations and innovative thoughts. Gone are the days when people used to rely solely on manuals. Manuals do more harm than good. For instance, whenever a user tries to search for a particular section, he/she has to search each and every page and sometimes, each and every paragraph. This is all the more tedious. Even if they happen to find out the relevant section, the activity of reading never stops. It takes more than a minute or two to complete reading the particular section. On the other hand, good explainer videos covey rich information in an engaging manner.

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Explainer video:

Well, what exactly is an explainer video? An Explainer Video is all about “What do you guys do?” If I have to put it in other words, an explainer video efficiently explains and demonstrates a company’s business model and the niche into which the company is into. They aptly explain a company’s value

How a good explainer video can increase your conversions?

When Dropbox went live on the internet, not many knew about what ‘Dropbox’ exactly offered to the users. Dropbox thus came up with an excellent explainer video to increase its conversion rates and it worked wonders. Experts vouch for the fact that the first month alone witnessed an over 10% increase in conversion rates. Needless to say, the video was watched a little over 750,000 times in the first month alone.


Good  explainer videos are a great combination of speech, text, and graphics. This may sound too optimistic yet it is a fact that people retain more than 50% of the information by watching videos. Videos are all the more persuasive. The concept of forced simplification comes into picture.  Explainer videos force you explain your product offerings in less than 300 words. 300 words should ideally be pronounced impeccably in less than 2 minutes. So, it is all about conveying more with less text. Explainer videos are better attention grabbers.

Humorous explainer videos are usually shared by friends and families. So, it is best to add a dash of humor to increase the number of shares. Humor is contagious. Audiences are more likely to get indulged into the subject when humor is into the picture. Humorous explainer videos are the best attention grabbers. The average attention span is estimated to be a little over 8 seconds. On a lighter note, the fastest man on the Earth- Usain Bolt takes the same time to complete a 100m sprint race. You may watch a humorous yet highly insightful video on ‘Save the Internet’ here.

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Let me end this post with an interesting stat- The average user spends 88% more time on a website with video and yes, over 90% prefer video advertising to display advertising.

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