How a friend’s need for advice gave birth to ?

Some time back, a friend of mine desperately needed some advice related to IAS coaching and guidance institutes, optional subject to choose, the subjects to opt for and more. I then realized that there is a genuine need of reliable and quick solutions to many day-to-day problems.  Although professionals are there but the interactions between the information seeker & experts is not organized. So this motivated us to create an online platform where  interactions can take place & each interaction is going to help someone realize his/her goal & solve their day-to-day problems without much confusion.

After hearing this from Swati (one of the co-founders of, we were keen to know more about this amazing startup which aims to be  the next amazon in the consulting space.

Tell us a little bit about your startup.

Advisome is an online interactive platform where advisors(domain experts) from various fields come together and share their knowledge, skills & expertise in order to make lives of people better ,less confusing & simpler. We also provide an excellent platform to consultants to boost their business by educating customers about their products and services. Currently, we have presence in two domains 1) Online consultancy platform 2) Marketing of services directly to customer.



Who are the founders and key team members ?

From Lto R : Sandeep, Swati, Surender

From L to R : Sandeep, Swati, Surender

Founders are Sandeep Kundu (co-founder), Dr. Swati Sinha (co-founder), Surender Singh (co- founder).  Other team members are Satish kumar(HR & Operation) , Ankita RP(social media promotions) &  Jitin(social media & innovation integrations).


What relevant domain experience do they have ?

  • Sandeep Kundu- a techno- freak is well equipped with web designing & app development modules; he heads  website & App development.
  • Dr Swati Sinha has worked in the medical field as well as MBA and looks after all the liaison activities and content development .
  • Surender singh has got experience in sales & marketing, he handles field marketing of the website.
  • Satish kumar is MBA & having many years of operations management experience. He looks after all the HR & operation activities.
  • Ankita (received social media expert award last year) & Jitin are involved in social media marketing .   We all share common vision & goal.


What is your target audience and why do you think this company can beat the competition?

Anyone who is looking for a good advice/ information directly from the horse’s mouth will become the target audience. So the target audience pool is very big. People looking for information related to education, medical treatment, agriculture, event management, legal matters, drug de-addiction, relationship counselling, astrology  are to name a few & there are many more categories available where one can take consultation services. The information gap is huge & we are aiming to fill this gap.

We plan to focus on the tier 2 & tier 3 cities. Further , we aim to  operationalize  Advisome in villages with the help of Advisome Support Partners(ASP).  Since internet is penetrating very fast into tier 2 & tier 3 cities that’s why we are focusing on these areas .There is severe scarcity of information providers and genuine advisors in tier2 & tier 3 cities & people come to metro cities for the same. Our ASP model is going to be unique & we believe it is going to help us grow really fast.  Moreover we are innovation driven group. We are always striving hard to imbibe something new and useful.


How difficult was it for you to get started difficult was it to get started?

There were difficulties but with passion & dedication one can achieve the goal. Being from the medical background, I did not have the IT or coding related knowledge. So I approached my friend who is an expert in the IT field (web development). I shared the idea and he was in. From the very next day we worked intensely for the next 6 months and the website was launched on 22nd Feb, 2015. We wanted to give users the best value- added experience, so we conducted interview & surveys as well. Based on them we tried to imbibe all the relevant inputs into our project. We are a registered company now.


How many hours a week do you spend on work?  What about family/hobbies?

We work as a team and on an average we dedicate 6 to 8 hrs every day for Advisome.  As being a group of young entrepreneurs, we all are techno freaks. We work hard & party harder. We always keep the balance between work & play because we all believe a peaceful mind is the land of innovations. We have got full support from our families and we are bootstrapping at the moment.

What outsiders have been most important to your business (eg. Mentors, bankers etc.)

Till date we are bootstrapping. We are working as a team & trying to grow but soon we will be receiving  seed  funding  as the App  will be launched within a period of 2 months. Although, we have received positive response for investment from one of the renowned Angel Investors( Can’t disclose the name, till the things finalized) as they find the proposition interesting. Till then we are focusing on streamlining operations. We have received a good response on the website and on an average 30 advisors join our portal everyday.  Questers( information seekers) are also visiting the site and getting their problems solved.  Presently, we have more than 800 members on the website & we are expanding very fast!


What is your advice to young entrepreneurs starting today?

Things are tough to start & problems are a part & parcel. We have been looking at the solutions instead of problems. So this attitude of the team is helping us move fast. Yes, we all have taken risks & worked hard as team in tough times but when we look back those hardships look fruitful.

No idea is small. This is the time of innovations. Give this world something new which can add value to the life of people. We believe innovation, team work and liaisoning are the key to success & of course take risk to grow. Remember, not taking a risk is the biggest risk.


Are you an expert in your domain?  Register on  and give a boost to your business.


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