Highlights of “January 2015”

The journey of   “January,2015” has been one heck of a ride. The last week witnessed numerous events.

Lets take a sneak peak!!


  • APPLE smashed the Wall Street expectations and predictions of technology observers by posting $18 Billion during their fiscal 2015 first quarter, ending December 27, 2014. It is the most profitable quarter any company ever had, globally. If Apple continues to sell its products with the same pace, then within 9 months, their revenues will equal the amount which Indian Government hopes to collect in the year 2014-15, which is Rs 13.6 lakh crore. This quarterly profits of $18 billion or Rs 1.08 lakh crore is half of India’s annual defense budget, which is Rs 2.3 lakh crore.  Being a technology company, the record sales and profit generated by Apple during the last quarter has set a new benchmark of success and growth.


  • ZOMATO acquires  Turkey’s leading restaurant discovery and review service, Mekanist for undisclosed sum. This is Zomato’s seventh acquisition in just over 6 months. With Cibando, MenuMania,Lunchtime , ObedovatGastronauci on the list Zomato’s valuation surely touched a billion dollars! According to press release sent to us, all of Mekanist’s traffic and restaurant-related content will move to Zomato, and Mekanist app users will be able to see all restaurant listings within Zomato app.

  •  PayPal has extended its Start Tank initiative for aspiring students to encourage students in top-notch universities to become entrepreneurs and bring their tech ideas into reality. The PayPal Start Tank incubator was launched in association with TiE Chennai in November 2013 and currently hosts six startups. PayPal’s Start Tank provides an obligation-free environment for select tech startups in a very conducive facility.

  • TEAM INDUS, a space startup from Bangalore has made history as becoming the first and only Indian team to win $1 million as part of Google Lunar Xprize. Being the only team participating from India, it became one of the first private enterprises to land on moon. Team Indus has won the prize money of $1 million for successfully completing the “Landing” milestone, along with 4 other teams under the same category. It has made it in the top 5 among 26 competing teams, and this is indeed a major accomplishment for a startup from India.


  • FLIPKART contemplates to raise $5B IPO via Wall Street In The Next 18 Months. Flipkart’s listing would be the highest grosser in the history for the Indian companies. Tiger Global Management LLC is the largest investor for Flipkart and Tiger’s listing in the NYSE market has smoothened the process of penetrating into foreign money markets.

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