Have Fun on Monday !!

“My day starts with a Monday morning, worrying about the traffic on the road and how would I manage to reach the workplace on time, tasks lined up for the day, the meetings scheduled and  above all, eagerly awaiting the end of working hours on a Friday.”
This is a common scenario in the life of any professional. The weekends seem to be extremely important for their rejuvenation. After a long and arduous week at work, they totally deserve it. But there are times when they get carried away so much in the joy of celebrating their time off from work, that before they know it, the weekend’s over.
Have you ever given a thought, what would it be like if every ‘Monday becomes a Friday’?
The basic idea behind this thought is to make your work filled with so much fun that you don’t have to find ways to relax yourself at the end of the week. There are many companies that have bought into the concept of ‘making work more fun’, to make employees more creative and productive. It not only enhances communication and builds social bonds that encourage people to help each other but makes people want to perform well at work and be a contributing member of their team. It stimulates creative thinking which helps people be more resourceful with challenges.
Some of the innovative strategies used by companies to make ‘Fun at Work’:
1. Give time for innovation: Some of the popular brand like 3M and Google give their employees about 10% free time to experiment with new ideas. Innovation needs time to develop. No one ever feels like they have time to spare. Providing “free” time for employees to experiment with new technologies, products, or processes can catalyze the next big thing.
innovation image
2. Flash Mob: is widely used for entertainment in telecommunications and social media companies. It happened at San Francisco office of Twitter, when employees participated in a lunchtime flash mob set to Justin Bieber’s pop hit ‘Baby’.
3. Birthday Celebrations: This can be done in multiple ways. For instance, a surprise party, a funny gift on the desk, decorating workstation with lanterns and balloons, fun games, etc. These activities not only lighten up the workplace but make the employees feel special.
4. Potluck Lunch: Nothing could be more fun than sharing and serving food that you cooked. Having potluck lunch at work will promote a family atmosphere and is a low cost way of providing a large meal for people you work with.
5. Guess Who? : Have employees guess the person in childhood photos of their employees pinned on the board or projected on a screen one at a time. Let the winners get surprise fun gifts as an award. One can start with the photo of people from leadership team or familiar employees first that is easy to guess to have more participation.
6. Video Games: Playing video games and competing with each other can help employees relieve stress and come back the next day with a lot of energy. It can be done online at desk or with projector and play station arranged in a conference room or a cafeteria.280447370_f4f37e9b19_o
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