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Today we are having a chat with Mr Gaurav whose startup is making India a fitter place.Lets see how

1.Tell us a little bit about “The Green Box”.

“The Hara Dabba”, with love that’s what we like to call it, is Hyderabad’s one and only food service that sends out calorie counted meals to individuals homes and offices. You can think of us as your local dabbawala but with a serious health angle to it. It was originally conceptualized to serve diabetic and heart care patients but now has grown into a full service where we serve regular individuals who like to eat healthy without any drop in the taste.

2.What inspired the creation of “The Green Box”?

It’s a very personal reason. My mother had diabetics and she passed away three years ago. She used to struggle on a daily basis to find and make food for herself and with everyone having their own view on what to eat made it that much more difficult for her to decide on what to eat. Diabetics is an easily controllable dieses, if you eat right and take care good care of urself. Since then I decided I wanted to do something in the diabetic sphere, but could not do it pharmaceutically so decided to serve out food that will help diabetic individuals.

3.What is your target audience and why?

Specialized audience such as individuals who have heart or diabetic condition and also regular individuals who like to eat healthy.

4.What is unique about your company ?

Our concept and team. Currently there is no one in the market with a similar concept and team that is this specialized.

5.What problem does your company solve ?

1) Food for individuals with condition such as blood pressure and Diabetics.

2) Today if you ask any individual how their cafeteria food is: The first response is that “It is very unhealthy, with very little taste and laden with oil”. Every office now outsources their cafeteria to individuals who are in the catering for lump sum business. We have tried to make office goers daily healthy food requirements affordable.

6.Who are the founders and key team members ?

1) Gaurav Sharma: Founder

2) Chef Mulky Prabhakar Adesh: Partner

3) Dr Subhash Sharma: Partner

4) Kajal Shah: Consultant

7.What relevant domain experience do they have ?

Gaurav Sharma: 6 years of experience in corporate world and partner in different startups with good execution capability. Very good understanding of cost control.

Chef Adesh: 30+ years of experience with Oberoi’s in the Indian kitchen. Has travelled the globe cooking in their various properties.

Dr Subhash Sharma: Retired doctor with great experience in preventive medicine.

Kajal Shah: Number of years of experience in the healthcare industry. Currently is the nutritionist and life style counselor at the Apollo Hospital Hyderabad.

 8.What risk are you facing?

Hiring the right Talent and sometimes Logistics (eg: Transportation)

9.What is your greatest competitive advantage?

Our dedication, vision and team.

10.What has been your most effective marketing technique?

Tying up with Hospitals and Healthcare centers and also social media.

11.What outsiders have been most important to your business (eg. Mentors, bankers etc.)

My Fiancee: After my first failed startup, she gave me the confidence to peruse my dream of having my own venture.

12.What is your advice to young entrepreneurs starting today?

Have Faith, Patience and evaluate every decision quickly and keep a lid on the cost. Most important enjoy what you are doing.

13.How has been your journey so far as an entrepreneur?

Sweaty, but having the best time ever.

14. Where do you see yourself and your venture 5 years from now?

Hopefully will be the same with similar amount of energy and love for the work that I am currently doing.

Venture: Should have opened new verticals in specialized foods and also should expand into different cities in India.

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