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Transportation industry in India is highly unorganized. While promising to ease the rigors of controls, Indian office bearers could not bring any substantial progress in this heavily unorganized industry. As a consequence, the very notion of being ‘organized’ in this unorganized road freight industry has become a butt of a joke. It is this wellspring of unorganized transportation sector whence flows the inception of GaadiBhejo. Enunciated and initiated by three co-founders- Shashank Rai, Gaurav Bajaj and Prateek Srivastava, is an online marketplace for providing on-demand intra-city transport vehicle for goods with structure and transparent pricing.


While shifting a few items from one region to another, people go through challenging times as transporters quote exorbitant prices. Shashank Rai, the co-founder had a similar lamentable experience. In his interview with MyVenture, Shashank Rai said, “Once I had to shift a few items within Delhi. I was trying to get rate from transporter and I found that there is no structure or system for pricing. Anybody can quote anything and I found that there is 70% variation in pricing, and this sector is mostly run by unorganized players. So I thought it would be great if I could work on this because there is a need of an organized player. Our organized venture, GaadiBhejo is a customer centric venture and in India, people generally call Transport vehicle “gaadi”. The other half of the name of our venture “bhejo” signifies that we provide vehicles to our customers.”

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Target Audience:

The kings of entrepreneurship can find themselves as paupers if they fail to identify target audiences. It is the target audiences that alter the dynamics of entrepreneurship. The Shashank Rai led team has brought synchronicity and it is as pronounced as Shashank Rai’s explanation, “We have two target customers:

  1. Retail
  2. Business

For Retail customer, we approach through different channels such as:

  1. Local search engines like just dial etc.
  2. Social media
  3. Google Ad words
  4. Pamphlet distribution
  5. Search engine optimization

In the case of business customers, we directly approach and take one to one meetings.”

Essence of Entrepreneurship:

Challenges in entrepreneurship are many and weighty, and deserve to prevail. In investigating solutions to challenges that at first seem to be insuperable, deep-eyed entrepreneurs come up with intellectual swamp of touchstones. The co-founders of GaadiBhejo form a deep-eyed trio. They exercised their grey cells to emerge victorious. It took some time for them to understand the transport industry. They recruited technical team to develop a good platform. Now, they are in talks with transporters. It is only a matter of time that their rapporteurs say,” Talks have come in fruition.”

GaadiBhejo Team:





The pendulum of fortune keeps oscillating. It is only the members of an organization who go on knees to wash away ill-wind. Verily, Shashank Rai has faith in his team. Here is a brief account on the team of GaadiBhejo:

  • Shashank Rai (Co-founder): Head Marketing and Technical Architecture. MBA (Marketing), 10years of industry experience in BFSI and 1 year of business experience in Consulting.
  • Prateek Srivastava (Co-founder): Head business development and corporate relationship. MBA (Marketing), 3years of industry experience in event management and 6 years of own business experience.
  • Gaurav Bajaj (Co-founder): Head operations and Media, PR. Graduate, 6 years of industry experience in media and event, and 6 years of own business experience
  • Sunit Kumar (CTO): Head technical development and support.

Having the right attitude:

The putative quote, “Failures are indeed stepping stones to success” urged the co-founder to dream bigger. Talking about their initial stint, “In 2014, we started a bidding portal in the same transportation industry. However, it was not successful because we designed the system considering that a transporter would come online and bid on the load. It didn’t happen. Customers were not ready to wait for bidding process. We realized that customers need quick services. Eventually, we learned that providing on demand vehicles would be good and now we are getting good traction by leveraging the nuances of this model. We are live from Aug 2015 and in last two months, we did around 50 transactions. In six month, we are planning to do 500 transactions per day, and looking to raise some seed fund to scale up the operations. Once we achieve break-even in one city, we will expand to other cities.”

Key take-away:

Donning the hat of an intellectual leaven, Shashank Rai advices entrepreneurs to do enough ground research before embarking on any venturous journey. In addition, he advices them to stay positive and learn from mistakes. He further asserts his jejune opinion of keeping things simple and encourages entrepreneurs to strive for excellence.

Team MyVenture confides in the existence of truth in the saying, “Hope springs eternal.” We believe in hoping for the best. Team MyVenture calls its readers to “Learn from Yesterday, Live for Today and Hope for Tomorrow.”

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