Factors that motivate an individual to share content on social media

Content developers and creative content writers put a lot of efforts into drafting and crafting quality content. Obviously, a quantum increase in the number of shares of articles is the least they expect from their target audiences. Dedicated content writers do their best to have the attention of target audiences. They write humorous content to have audiences in splits. They ensure that the content they create is genuine, discerning and profound. But fickle as the notion of ‘number of shares on social media’ is, it is important to identify the factors that motivate an individual to share content on social media.

According to the reports of web marketing firm Fractl, the factors that motivate an individual to share content on social media are essentially the following four:

  1. Entertainment:

This turns out to be the most compelling reason. People are going the distance to share highly amusing and entertaining content. However, the concept of ‘entertainment’ is different across diverse sectors. For instance, entertainment in the film industry is mostly about songs and cracking timely jokes. On the other hand, entertainment in financial industry, especially with respect to B2B businesses is about mocking the flimsy global economic policies, wrong investment decisions etc.

  1. Desire to educate:

This turns out to be the next compelling reason. This can be best explained with an example- Our honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Facebook headquarters. To realize the vision of ‘Digital India’, he solicited the support of the CEO of social media giant, Mark Zuckerberg. Modi called upon his followers, supporters and fellow Indians to express their support to ‘Digital India’ mission by changing their profile pictures with Digital India profile tool. However, the implication of the use of Digital India profile tool amounted to a question of support to Mark Zuckerberg’s ‘’ initiative. To clear any existing ambiguity, Modi and Zuckerberg asserted that the ‘Digital India’ profile tool was developed to represent the vision of ‘Digital India’ and not ‘’. Well, ‘desire to educate’ is indeed a compelling reason!


  1. Desire to share:

Many people often feel the urge to share something productive, something brain tickling and something worth sharing. Needless to say, their ‘desire to share’ is a perquisite to many content writers.


  1. Support for a cause or organization:

It is important to understand the differences between ‘human being’ and ‘being human.’ People are often being driven into the state of listless repose. To share fellow humans’ sorrows and to express their support for a cause, NGOs, volunteers and noble minded individuals are nodding in the affirmative to share content.

Before drawing the curtain close, I would like to mention that our team of content writers does its best to transform the starless somber night skies into star studded pleasant skies!

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