Facebook created 335000 jobs in India

Facebook’s impact on Indian Economy:


India being the world’s second largest populated country with probably a sum of 1.27 billion people certainly has a tremendous impact on its economy by the world’s giant social network, Facebook.

‘Facebook connects more than 1.35 bn people and creates significant economic impact.’ states a Deloitte report. This account by Deloitte also affirms a $227 bn of economic impact and 4.5 mn jobs, globally, in the year 2014. Further, the report, as commissioned by Facebook, suggests a $4 billion impact on the Indian economy along with 335,000 jobs throughout the last year, headed by a $104 billion impact on North America’s economy.

The report stresses on the stimulating power of Facebook on economic activity by providing tools for marketers, a platform for app developers and demand for connectivity.

With crossing a 100 mn user base, over the last one year, India is set to become the biggest market for Facebook. Also, the Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg’s visit to India last year accompanied by COO Sheryl Sandberg, indicates the rising importance of India as a market for this extraordinarily growing firm.

Vanshika Arora-

Vanshika Arora

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