Explore the diva in you with this jewelry based startup !

About Ornativa:

Indian jewelry has a glorious legacy. The history of Indian jewelry is as old as Indian civilization itself. The ruins of Indus valley civilization dating back to 5000 years ago bear witness to the fact that woman of every age and time love wearing jewelry. Jewelry induces a wave of regality. India, known as the Golden Bird has now become the largest consumer of jewelry. Jewelry industry contributes a significant 6-7 percent of India’s GDP. Ornativa is a game changing startup in this lucrative Indian jewelry industry. Ornativa is a unique jewelry and accessories brand with a strong focus on quality, affordability and reach. Its team of in-house designers leads from the front to depict and outline latest contemporary designs for jewelry, without compromising on quality and affordability. Apart from contemporary designs, Ornativa has a veritable cornucopia of traditional dazzling jewelry designs.

The story behind the name ‘Ornativa’

Nabarun Chakrabortty and Suptotthita Neogi are the co-founders of Ornativa. Talking about the story behind the name ‘Ornativa’, Suptotthita Neogi said, “I and Nabarun Chakrabortty always knew that the routine 9 to 5 jobs were not our thing. We were planning to do something on our own from a very young age. I used to attend entrepreneurial workshops and seminars in my college days. On the other hand Nabarun is a jewelry designer and used to work with various national and international jewelry and accessories brands such as, Aliel, C.Kishniah Chetty & Sons, Chateau Euphorie Paris etc. I had an immense love for fashion. Eventually, we decided to start this designer fashion jewelry brand together. The name Ornativa represents ‘The ornaments for the diva’, Nabarun created this name by this idea, and we believe that every woman is a diva. That is what our tagline says– Explore the Diva in You.”

The First Step

India has given birth to heroic entrepreneurs such as Nabarun Chakrabortty and Suptotthita Neogi. The co-founders wished to be a part of epoch making moment by taking the first step. They believed in the quote, “The first step of getting what you want is having the courage to get rid of what you don’t.” Talking about the first step, Suptotthita Neogi remarked, “We started from Kolkata, West Bengal, where entrepreneurship is an unearthly career option. For a first generation Bengalis, entrepreneurship is a strict NO. Born and brought up in a conservative Bengali family, quitting a well-paid job and starting a business was a big challenge for both of us. We began to feel the impact of the challenge after we gave up our jobs. We were prepared in the least for it.

Soon after starting our venture, we realized that online jewelry is a fairly nascent niche in India, and the key challenge is to develop an online platform. This online platform should be visited by customers before buying any jewelry. Getting right manufacturers and partnering with them proved to be a persisting pain in the neck. We slowly learnt the nuances of the business right from managing stock photography to convincing courier companies to partner with us. We invested all our personal savings, approximately 10 lakhs. This literally made us bankrupt. Then Nabarun got back to his job to carry the company expenses and we kept going like that.”

Ornativa Team:


Team Ornativa

Team Ornativa

Suptotthita Neogi says that her team of employees is resolute and determined. She wholeheartedly thanks her team of 8 members for heralding a new entrepreneurial beginning. She expresses his profound compliments by quoting, “My team members are highly energized professionals with a world-class background and experience of working with some of the largest and best, Technology, Jewelry, Retail, Fashion companies both in India and Abroad. Each one of us is equally passionate about providing the best online shopping experience to our customers. The members of my startup develop feelings of entitlement and perceived obligations.”

Target Audience

Ever since the advent of Mughal rule, Indian jewelry witnessed a great outburst of ornamentation, elegance and lush adornment. However, not many women can afford to wear such exquisite jewelry. Ornativa, the priceless startup addresses this problem. Suptotthita Neogi asserts, “Our customers are mainly young women aged 16 to 30. All women who cannot afford expensive diamond jewelry can have the same look and feel of diamond jewelry by wearing our jewelry. Our customers have the flexibility to customize a product‘s metal color, Stone Color before placing an order.”

Mission & Vision

Known for her power of intellect and glorious personage, Suptotthita Neogi elucidates her startup’s mission and vision as, “Our mission is to explore the diva in every woman by giving her means to style herself in her own unique way. We bring innovation in every woman’s style by providing high quality products and unique designs at very affordable prices. Our vision is to become a globally recognized brand and one of the India’s most renowned and trusted Fashion jewelry brands. We are confident about the potential of eCommerce, specifically in the lifestyle and jewelry category. More and more consumers in India and around the world are opting for online shopping for the convenience, range of products and value they get, and our customers give us genuine feedback. We are expecting to reach 10000+ orders per month within next two years. Also, we are all set for offline expansion. We will be expanding our team size. Hopefully, we shall hire some talented people from technology, fashion, jewelry and marketing domains. We are looking to raise funds for business growth and expansion. We are going to invest in technology to scale our business. “

Key Take-away:

This wonderful entrepreneur concludes her interview with Team MyVenture by advising entrepreneurs as follows, “My journey as an entrepreneur has been a blend of both good and bad experiences but most of all, I learnt a lot from such experiences. The remarkable journey of two years made me not only an entrepreneur but also a better person. So friends, a lot of unfavorable situations may come in your way for which you are not prepared for. Always be positive and learn from your mistakes. Never give up.

Team MyVenture wholeheartedly wishes team Ornativa to soar new heights of success and emerge triumphant!

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