Everything you need to know about Yogendra Vasupal, founder & CEO of Stayzilla

Yogendra Vasupal, the CEO of Stayzilla is well ahead of his ilk. From his humble beginnings, Yogendra Vasupal went to master the tricks of business. He is the proud CEO of, a Chennai based online accommodation bookings platform. Not the one to stay complacent and remain stagnant, Yogendra Vasupal believes that one has to be privileged to feel the pulse of success.  He has an indomitable zest for life. In one of his interviews, Yogendra Vasupal asserts with a colorful persona, “I dropped out of college twice. First time, I dropped out because I was making money online. Only after I dropped out, I realized that college is a good alibi to spend quality time with friends. So, I again joined college and dropped out in the final year. By the final year at the college, I was earning Rs 1 lakh a month.”  (source:

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Bountiful doses of humor and wit define his amazing character. His passion for e-commerce sector grew by leaps and bounds. Yogendra Vasupal was never academically brilliant but he never let his poor academics spoil his career. Instead, he made the most of every moment and embarked on an entrepreneurial journey. It can be said in all fairness that Yogendra Vasupal started his professional career at the age of 19. Herein lies the key takeaway- Successful people are early starters.


Yogendra Vasupal believes in constantly re-inventing the wheel to stay competitive. He identified the problem of ‘under-supply of rooms in India’ and came up with Stayzilla. Stayzilla is a promising player in India’s travel and tourism ecosystem. Stayzilla aspires to tap the untapped potential in alternate accommodation spaces. To all intents and purposes, Stayzilla has cemented its place in as many as 4000 towns across the nook and corner of India. To its diverse users, Stayzilla has a host of options- Home Stays, Rentals, B&Bs, Hotels, lodges, jungle lodges, boat houses etc. All in all, Stayzilla is a power-packed profitable venture that is based on ‘commission per transaction’ business model.


Yogendra Vasupal loves to live life on his own terms. He avowed to stay focused on ‘stays’ rather than focusing on other categories such as bus/air tickets, taxi, holidays etc. Herein lies the key takeaway- “Stay focused. Stay inspired and be relentless.” His ambitious goal of reaching 1000cr revenue mark bespeaks his vivid and vibrant persona. In addition, he envisions to extend Stayzilla’s reach to 8000 figure by the end of this financial year.  Fondly referred to as ‘Yogi’ by many, Yogendra Vasupal opines that technology and personalization are essential for hospitality industry.

What the human mind conceives, it achieves! Yogendra Vasupal is a living testimony to the fact expressed by this statement.

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