Everything you need to know about Sairee Chahal founder of Sheroes

Women are undoubtedly capable of making true and immediate acquaintances with propitious and not-so propitious climes in almost any profession. They are efficient as entrepreneurs, housewives, teachers, doctors, officers and any other civically significant cognomen. Sairee Chahal, founder of symbolizes the intelligent idealism that a woman entrepreneur should possess. Sairee Chahal has the quality of empowering women, a trait that seeps through the fabric of her timeless entrepreneurial career. I had the sensation of deciphering the meaning of Shero- Every woman who makes a choice and makes it work for her is a SHERO.image-1 was founded in January in the year 2014. Sairee Chahal is determined to nurture a community of working women. She is doing her very best in empowering women by providing various work from home jobs in India. She is in fact working like an accomplished sculptor to help women find all the resources that provide tangible work satisfaction and a perfect work-life balance. She also happens to be the co-founder of Fleximoms, an indispensable ally to every civically conscious person who is in need of a flexible job.

Her robust initiative has already helped over 10,000 women and interestingly, these women belong to diverse categories- returning professionals, interns, entrepreneurs, corporate employees, work-from-home freelancers etc. Apart from offering rewarding jobs, anchors various other initiatives such as mentoring, tutoring, coaching resources, educational workshops, community meets and job fairs. India produces the highest number of graduates in the world but the underlying paradox is that very few women work in formal workforce. addresses the requirements of women and rewards them with formal work roles.

 Before seeing the grounds for luminous hope in entrepreneurship, Sariee started her career as a journalist. Her unflinching conviction for her the then profession made waves on her mind and she went to start Newslink Services in 1999. She enjoyed her brief stint at CII and Heidrick and Struggles respectively. And yes, she is a Post graduate from the reputed institute- IMT Ghaziabad. In addition, she has a degree in International Relations from Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU). She has a huge following on Twitter. She can be followed here.

It is sheer bliss to mention that over 2000 corporates use to connect with women professionals. With Sheroes making its presence in as many as 65 cities, Sairee Chahal stands tall on the lofty pedestal of women entrepreneurship. Take a bow madam!

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